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Celebrities Who Spectacularly Pulled off Colored Hair!

Celebrities are always up to something new. They try to set latest fashion trends and get some lime light in the media. Most celebrities stick to fashion but others try to take a riskier path and go full fledged to show their inner punk side by coloring their hair in various colors of the rainbow. Carrying off colored hair isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but some celebrities could really do it with ease and panache.
Here are some celebrities who easily carried off bold colors in their hair and still look downright smashing and spectacular:

Katy Perry
Katy always seems to be comfortable in her own skin and what makes her a winner is her dazzling smile and beautiful eyes. When she isn’t making bold statements with her choice of clothes, she is setting new trends by coloring her hair in various shades. She has already pulled up deep purple, blue and gold and one always eagerly awaits what she’ll bring to the table next. It seems that the key to pulling off colored hair is confidence and she really does a good job.

Rihanna is another celebrity who needs no introduction when it comes to taking risks and trying out new trends. She has debuted a variety of hair styles and hair colors from a short pixie cut to a nice flowing curls. The same applies to her hair as she has sported everything from brown locks to jet black hair to flaming red hair and could never look better. One can only wonder what new look will cross her whims in the near future! Get luscious locks like Rihanna using Flipkart where you can find a huge range of hair products to keep your hair shining and sleek all the time!

Avril Lavigne
She is the goddess of punk and rock and set hearts throbbing with her catchy tunes and even edgier look. Be it her half shaved hair do, dirty green hair or bright pink locks, Avril can look stunning in almost every look. Her cute face was further accentuated when she stepped out in bright bubblegum pink hair and she showed she is not one to shy away from taking risks when it comes to hair!

Demi Lovato
Demi has come a long way from her Disney days where she played the cute Sonny on her Disney show. She has gone on to take bold fashion risks at red carpets and has stunned fans with a variety of colored hair ranging from aqua blue to violet streaks to silver and green as well! No one can quite pull off such a huge variety of hairdos like Demi and she surely seems to be at ease with her edgy looks. The latest addition to this is her side shaved hair which make her look even more adorable. Demi is known not just for her hair trends but her fashion too and you can look just as fashionable by getting trendy outfits browsing the wide range on Amazon that helps you upgrade your wardrobe!

Tom Felton
This seems like an odd choice but he fits the bill. Tom Felton wowed everyone with his portrayal of the menacing Draco Malfoy in the Harry Potter series for which he had to dye his hair blonde and boy did he pull it off. His natural hair color is on the darker brown side but it’s hard to imagine him with his golden lock that he sported for almost a decade and boy did he do justice to his looks!

These celebrities prove that if you have the imagination and guts, you can pull off any look and any color with ease. Taking these hair risks surely paid off for these celebs and helped them take their fashion quotient off the roof!

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