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#ProductReview: Faces Long Wear Eye Pencil ~ Best Eyeliner I have used till date!

I have highlighting my eyes and a kajal and an eyeliner is something I always carry with me. Constantly in search of products that are better than my present collection, I recently came upon Faces Long Wear Eye Pencil and am so impressed by this eyeliner that I just have to share my thoughts with you.

Product Name: Faces Long Wear Eye Pencil

Weight: 1.2 g

Price: 349 INR

Colour: Black

Product Description:

Change your color, transform your look. Get an intense, high shine finish with this amazing eye pencil that is

- Smudge proof

- Water proof
- Intense, rich black colour

Product Review:

The main reasons why I love Faces long Wear Eye Pencil and think this is the best eyeliner that I have used till date are:

1) An intense, rich black colour
The eyeliner is a rich black colour that looks great on my eyes. This is the darkest shade of black that I have seen in a pencil in a long time.

2) Creamy and smooth application.
The eyeliner is creamy in texture and not rough on application. The pigmentation is amazing and it glides easily and gives a smooth and uniform finish. I was able to apply a thick or thin line over my eyelids in one go without having to face uneven strokes.

3) Smudge proof, water proof and long lasting.
This eyeliner is smudge proof and stays put for long hours upto 12 hours and more. What's even better is that once applied, nothing can smudge it. I tried rubbing my eyes, splashed my face with water and even tried it out in the sun with sweat dripping my face and still the eyeliner stayed put!

I sweat easily, have sensitive eyes that tear easily and also have a tendency to rub my eyes unconsciously once in a while but I am very pleased with Faces Long Wear Eye Pencil that tackled all my quirks and still remained in place, giving my eyes that rich effect I always wanted.

4) Suits all skin types.
This eyeliner works beautifully for everyone when applied like a liner on the eyelids.

5) Value for Money.
I have bought and used eye liners ranging from mid range pricing to expensive ones but this one is truly worth even rupee spent and then some. At just 350 INR, this one is a winner and the best eye liner in this range and even in the more expensive price ranges.


1) It is so long lasting and smudge proof that you'll need makeup remover to remove it completely. Cleansing milk also works but would require more effort to remove the liner from your eyes.

2) When applied on the water line and used as a kajal, this product sometimes tends to cause watering and irritation in the eyes. So it is best used as an eyeliner applied on the eyelids.

Overall, Faces Long Wear Eye Pencil is the best Eyeliner Pencil in the market at present that is not only amazing but also pocket friendly. I highly recommend this product and am going to try out the other shades available too. This liner gives us everything that we want in an eyeliner and more. Go grab your pencil today and give your eyes a dazzling and rich look!

Buy From:Amazon IN | Flipkart | Snapdeal

Do you think you'll give this product a try? Have you used Faces Long Wear Eye Pencil? How was your experience? Do share your thoughts with me. I love hearing from you.

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