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Plus sized body is not that hard to dress up, especially when you have a few good examples you can follow. And today I am going to show you a few super fashionable and stylish plus size celebrities that can be a great inspiration for all of us – no matter the age or size! So let me prove to you once more, that being a little bit unconventional and a little bit curvier doesn’t stop women from being fashionable and excellent looking! After all, it is all up to how you feel not how you look like!

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Mindy Kaling

Mindy Kaling is not just a great actress and comedienne, but also a very sharp and fashionable dresser you can totally get inspired by. We all remember her from super famous NBC sitcom The Office and her hit show the Mindy Project. And we all remember how great she looks there as well. So if you feel close to her esthetic’s taste – definitely get some aspects of Mindy’s fashion sense and try to incorporate that to your outfits! 

Mellisa McCarthy

Another comedienne, actress and just great dresser - Mellisa McCarthy – is also worth following while looking for fashion inspirations. And although this hilarious actress is everything an A-list star isn’t supposed to be in sometimes really close-minded America, Mellisa manages to smile through everything and look gorgeous every time we see her in public. 

Amber Riley

A real dive - Amber Riley is another great public persona you can get inspired by. It is hard not to love this actress and incredible singer known as “Mercedes” on the amazingly popular Glee series. So Amber is not only an excellent role model as a personality (as all the ladies I mention), but also a very great dresser worth looking at to get inspired.


Another plus sized celebrity many of us know is Adele. This incredible singer not only conquers our hearts with heartwarming songs but also is a very classy, elegant and sophisticated dresser. Furthermore, with more than 30 million records sold all around the globe, Adele is one of the most successful Soul singers ever. Along with a great fashion sense, we all can learn a lot from her for sure.


Oprah Winfrey, as we all know, is an American media proprietor, talk show host, actress, producer, philanthropist and much more. Along with that, we can add that she is a very great dresser who knows how to embrace her beautiful curves too. And although Oprah struggled with her weight for many years, she always managed to look gorgeous every time we saw her on the TV. And that is why we can learn a lot from her as well. 

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