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Book Review: Our Heritage Revisited: A Glimpse Into Ancient Indian Texts by Anju Saha

Title and Author: Our Heritage Revisited: A Glimpse Into Ancient Indian Texts by Anju Saha
No. of Pages: 140
Publication date: 2015
Genre: Hindu Scriptures, Indian Scriptures Translation, Indian Author, Non-Fiction
Language: English

Book Review:
I have been very interested in the ancient Indian (Hindu) texts that hold abundance of knowledge that is still prevalent today as well as a continuing enigma to the present world. With prominent gifts to the world like the Ayurveda, Yoga and the study of stars (Astrology), Hindu scriptures are full of secrets and wonders. But the main issue in educating ourselves to these texts is the lack of translations of the scriptures which were originally written in vedic Sanskrit which is not known by majority of us today.

Here Anju's book, Our Heritage Revisited: A Glimpse Into Ancient Indian Texts, comes handy. When the author told me about her book, I was instantly intrigued. The cover is colourful, vivid and catchy. Managing to attract my attention, I was further lured by the promise of going into depth of the ancient knowledge that still holds the base of modern science and even our day-to-day life.

The blurb is a bit long but still engaging. The title is interesting and will definitely have readers stop to checkout the book.

Anju Saha has collated her knowledge of Hindu scriptures like the veds that she learned along the way. The book is written in a systematic manner with separate chapters dedicated and pictorial representation of the various veds and its branches.

The book is written in simple language and will act as a great guide for people wanting to learn about ancient Indian scriptures. However, despite the simplicity of language, after a while I felt things getting repeated. I know everything is connected and some repetition is necessary but still I felt some of it could have been curtailed. 

This book is a great introduction to the ancient scriptures but in a bigger picture, the knowledge in the book can not be taken as everything about the texts shared here. The author, however, mentions this in her title itself which says, " A Glimpse Into Ancient Indian Texts". 

Also the author mentions that she has taken reference from Wikipedia which is an open source easily editable so it is possible that the knowledge could have been updated since the author took up her pointers from there. So the book should be taken into account with scope for a few updates. 

There are a few grammatical errors in the book but nothing so serious that they hamper the interest in the book. I absolutely enjoyed reading this book and congratulate Anju on taking this chance to bring to us a simplified version of some of the learning hidden in texts that are so vast and so old that we often don't get a chance to fully acquaint ourselves to them because they are still not translated completely to our understanding.

All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed getting introduced to my heritage through this book that had me entertained right till the end. 

4 out of 5 to  Our Heritage Revisited from me and I look forward to reading more about our heritage from Anju who I hope will delve more deeply and bring to us more books that give us more insight into the ancient scriptures.

Recommended to everyone, this book is a must have for everyone who want to know more about ancient Indian scriptures. Go grab this book for yourself and your family!

I received the book from the author and I am very thankful to her. The above review is my honest and unbiased opinion and in no way influenced.

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