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ARC Book Review and Sale: Memory of You (A Misty Cove Love Story) by Dori Lavelle

Title and Author: Memory of You by Dori Lavelle
No. of Pages: 97
Publication Date: 16th December 2015
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Indie Author, Novella
Language: English

Book Review:
Memory of You is a sweet and emotionally rich story of two people who find their happily-ever-after through a second chance at love. 

Dori Lavelle is an author who is versatile and an expert at weaving stories that hook the readers and leave us wanting more. I have followed her right from her first book and with her writing prowess, she has made a place in my list of loved authors. I just adore her romance books and after reading this book, I am so happy to tell you that this one is no exception.

When I heard about her latest book, I was eager to read it- all the while hoping for the same magic that I had felt in her previous romantic series. But I was pleasantly surprised by this book which is even better and had me engrossed and then invested all through the protagonists' journey of finding love!

The cover is engaging and the blurb intriguing. Both these combined with the title are sure to capture the interest of the readers.

Dori's writing style is simple and yet she effectively captures the readers' attention and maintains their interest right till the end. Emotional scenes are so beautifully brought to life that they had me in tears and feeling like I was the heroine or hero who was facing all the scenarios portrayed in the book. The romance is again soulful and had me praying for a second chance for Jade and Bryce who quickly made a place in my heart. I loved, loved, loved them!

The story is well paced and executed crisply. It is novella length and yet manages to develop the story and bring out the struggles, emotions and finally a happily-ever-after with such finesse that I know I will be reading the book again soon!

All in all, a most lovely experience, I heartily recommend Memory of You to all romance lovers. 4.5 out of 5 to it. Go read it today! 

I received an ARC from the author and I am very thankful to her. The above review is my honest and unbiased opinion and in no way influenced.

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