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An inspiring story on World Cancer Day!

Hey Lovely Readers,

As you all know, 4th February is the World Cancer Day. It is a day dedicated to get us thinking about Cancer disease and taking action against it. With Governments and Scientists all over the world dedicated to finding ways to safeguard everyone from this terrible disease, I recently got the opportunity of getting connected to a fabulous person who not only defeated Cancer but is bravely putting her inspiring story out there to give strength and support to so many other people facing this soul destroying and heart shattering disease. 

I am talking about Heather Von St. James who not only fought but won over Mesothelioma Cancer which is an aggressive cancer affecting the membrane lining of the lungs and abdomen.

Read more about Mesothelioma Cancer HERE

Read about Heather Von St. James' courageous journey of fighting and surviving Mesothelioma Cancer HERE

Heather Von St. James is now cancer free! 
 I hope and pray that no one ever gets afflicted by this disease. 

Do you know of someone who bravely fought Cancer? Share your stories in the comments section and let's show our love and support to these very courageous people.

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