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Friday Feature and Follow #67 ~Ten Reasons I Read My Favorite Genre

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Prompt of the Week: Ten Reasons You Read Your Favorite Genre

While I am eclectic in my reading tastes, my favourite genres are Mystery and Romance but I think lately I have been reading more of Romance so here are my ten reasons of reading this genre.

1) Romance is a feel good genre that always promises the magic of love conquering every obstacle in life.
2) It has so many variants like Romantic Suspense that satisfies both my romantic and detective inclinations.
3) The heroes in this genre are almost always men who make my heart race and then feel proud that I have one man just like these hunks in my own real life!
4) I get to travel to exotic places while sitting right here in my home and feel the romance in the air.
5) The heroines sometimes are spunky, independent women and watching them butt heads with alpha heroes is always entertaining.
6) The hero is almost always a knight in shining armour.
7) The endings are almost always Happily-Ever-Afters.
8) The emotions in these stories are sometimes heartbreaking and sometimes heart soaring which make me appreciate life even more.
9) It is a popular genre and after getting addicted to it, I know why. I just love reading books in this genre which are sometimes light reads and sometimes a serious affair.
10) The writing style varies from giving us, readers, short leisure reads to sometimes long sagas. So this again appeals to my reader self and I get to experience many styles of stories and writing.

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