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Product Review: Godrej Aer Pocket Bathroom Fragrance ~ morning.misty.meadows fragrance

About the Product:
Say hello to the new Godrej aer pocket, a range of bathroom fragrances available in three delightful fragrances. It is filled with unique slim gel technology that will leave your bathroom happy for up to 30 days.

Key Features:

Godrej aer pocket

-Keeps your bathroom consistently fragrant for up to 30 days
-Unique slim gel technology
-Easy to use; just tear and hang
-Available in three amazing fragrances
-Keeps bathrooms fresh up to 30 days. It’s a tough job, but someone’s got to do it.
Meet aer pocket. It’s slim, smells greats and is available in three amazing fragrances. Its unique slim gel technology makes it last up to 30 days. Your bathroom is now in safe hands. Or more like scented hands.
My Review:
Morning.Misty.Meadows:Sunrise Dew fragrance in Godrej aer pocket is the one I bought for my bathroom and I also tried it in my bedroom. It has the pleasing and relaxing smell of lilies and jasmine which leaves a lingering fragrance in the room throughout the day. 
What I liked about this product:
1) The packet is easy to use. Just cut the outer packet and inside is another packet with a hook. Hang it wherever you want like in the bathroom or in your room and notice the fragrance of lilies and jasmine permeating every corner.
2) I loved the fragrance. It is light, soothing and had me feeling relaxed and happy like I was in a meadow with lots and lots of lovely flowers.
3) The pocket lasts roughly upto 20 days, sometimes maybe a few days less.
4) It is small and there is no danger of chemicals harming you when handling it. Its a closed packet. Just hang it in your bathroom and forget about it!
5) The pricing is affordable at 49 INR per piece and I felt is value for money.
6) It comes in two other fragrances: violet.valley.bloom: Floral haze which has the enticing fragrance of violet flowers; bright.tangy.delight: A happy fragrance which has the sunny, citrus fragrance of oranges.
7) This product not only works effectively in the bathroom but also can be easily used as a room freshner in other rooms in the house.
8) Godrej Aer Pocket is easily available everywhere.

What I didn't like about this product:
1) The fragrance can be a little overwhelming and strong when the pocket is used in small rooms which can be irritating to our nose and cause a headache. 

2) The age of the product depends on factors like ventilation and dimensions of the room. As experienced by me, the fragrance lasts more when placed in smaller rooms as compared to larger ones with better ventilation.
3) As acclaimed, the fragrance doesn't last 30 days. It is roughly 20 or less depending on the room.

Morning.Misty.Meadows:Sunrise Dew fragrance in Godrej aer pocket is a recommended product from me. I am loving the happy experience of placing it my room and in my bathroom. Both of which smell "fresh" and "meadowy" all day. Go buy and experience Morning.Misty.Meadows:Sunrise Dew fragrance in Godrej aer pocket in your own house and share your views with me. I know I will be trying out the other fragrances available in this range soon.

Buy From:

Amazon IN | Snapdeal

What do you think? Will you be using this product?

~Other variants in Godrej Aer Pocket Bathroom Fragrance~

  violet.valley.bloom: Floral haze


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