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The Do’s and Don’ts of Fashion

The Do’s and Don’ts of Fashion


1. Invest in Quality Fashion Items

In most situations, quality is always better than quantity, and it is no different in fashion. It is always a great idea to invest in fewer but high quality apparel products. Go for those brands that have a heritage, or simply resonate with you and your style. Quality will always vary from one brand to another, and although pricier items tend to be made with additional care and extra fun details, it is not always the truth, so make sure you shop while keeping in mind your budget. Remember about coupons that will give you discounts in many stores including Neiman Marcus or 6PM. All you need to do to get them is go online to Discountrue and pick anything you like!

2. Be True to Your Roots:

Ever heard of the famous cliché “you can take a person out of the country, but not the country out of the person?” I bet you've seen it mostly in negative contexts. But today, we want to teach you how to use it positively - in the context of fashion!

If you grew up in New York’s Westchester County why drop your native fashion in favor of other people’s clothing styles? On the other hand, while those of us from the Southwest can pay homage to our native hometown by donning a tribal printed t-shirt, our easy-going California brothers will most likely be more comfortable with a white tee, a designer leather jacket and a pair of light-washed jeans. It is called embracing your roots.

3. Dress for the Occasion

As far as individualizing your style is concerned, a big part of it will involve understanding your audience, as well as the atmosphere you are playing your game in. And remember we are not saying that your entire aesthetic should just be transformed to suit the interests and aspirations of your friends. No – what we are saying is that when you choose items from your wardrobe have the event you will attend in mind.

4. Let Your Surroundings Inspire You

Ever watched a TV interview with a fashion designer? If you have, I am sure you realized that rarely do they have a style blog as a reference for their fashion style inspiration. Of course, blogging remains a great source, but you will most likely hear them reference the natural environment, a certain film or even a certain historical period as behind their fashion style. So, be inspired by your surroundings!


1. Never Take Yourself or Your Style Too Seriously

One of the factors that make fashionistas tick is that they don’t take themselves or their fashion styles too seriously. Sometimes they just allow themselves to ride along. Dressing is fun. Fashion is fun. Don’t try too hard. Make your style a hobby, not a chore. Experiment with your attire. Dress for yourself, not just for occasions or to impress people.

2. Never Allow Yourself to Become a Trend Zombie

Don’t invest in a certain trending fashion item just because your boys/girls or even your famous idol also has it. Go for something if you really love it and think that it is a good idea to invest in it. Only follow a certain fashion trend if it adheres to your own personal style, not just because it looks good on somebody else.

3. Don’t Underestimate the Power of Accessories

Do you want to know one secret of fashion? Accessorizing is the key to any outfit! Apart from the “normal” or “expected” dressing, add something to accessorize your overall look. Add a few extras to tie your look together. For instance, a watch completes your look by adding another level of sophistication in a way that no other accessory does. A statement belt could does the same – the possibilities are countless, and the only limit is your imagination.

4. Always Avoid Ubiquitous Stores

Another way to individualize your style is to stay far away from big chain stores. You may have heard how shopping at those ubiquitous stores can be the most perfect way of scoring a myriad of stylish threads in a single swoop. This rings true in many occasions, but if done in a wrong way the negative consequence here is that you may end up having the same pieces as so many other people out there; “city uniform” so to say. Make sure you add something individual to the outfit you wear.

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