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ARC Book Review: The Trouble With Misbehaving by Victoria Hanlen

 ARC Book Review: The Trouble With Misbehaving by Victoria Hanlen Title and Author: The Trouble With Misbehaving by Victoria Hanlen
Publication Date: Carina; ePub ed edition (15 February 2016)
Genre: Historical Romance, Regency Romance, Suspense
Language: English

Book Review:
The Trouble With Misbehaving by Victoria Hanlen has a willful, cunning and enigmatic heroine; a hero with a shady past where he is termed as "unreliable and unsteady" and a crisp story that had me engaged all through the book.

This is the first book by Victoria that I have read and I enjoyed the story immensely. The cover, however, doesn't suit the story and I feel is unnecessarily skimpy. The blurb and title are intriguing and will definitely catch the readers' attention.

The plot is well conceived and executed and the author had me eagerly turning the pages throughout. The writing style is simple, fluid and arresting.

The story is well paced and I finished this book in one sitting, it was that arresting!.

I enjoyed meeting Calista or 'CC' as she is called. She is a woman hiding multiple layers in her character. Sometimes she acts so intelligently and right the next moment her actions are such that one feels that she is definitely mad! I was intrigued, mesmerized and then amazed as slowly all the layers came off to show the real 'CC'. Her motivations throughout the book left me stumped and doubtful whether she was really the scandal creating airhead or the strong, intelligent and shrewd woman who had stood strong in a man's world.

Captain Beauford Tollier is a brooding sort of hero who has seen and experienced much and now just wants to lead a safe existence but is confused and allured by 'CC' right from the start. Their adventures together had me smiling, then sighing and then praying for a safe and happy ending for them. The romance is the slow building but passionate type that had me rooting more and more for their HEA.

The dangers of the world at that time with America facing a war and England being neutral are realistically and most effectively brought to life by the author. She had me envisioning the life then and feeling thankful that I was safe here in the future!

All in all, The Trouble With Misbehaving by Victoria Hanlen is full of adventure, romance, suspense, danger and a heroine who is sure to win your heart. 4.5 out of 5 to it and recommended to all lovers of historical romance. I enjoyed Victoria's writing and will be checking out more of her books in the future.

I received an ARC from the publishers via Netgalley and I am very thankful to them. The above review is my honest and unbiased opinion and in no way influenced.

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