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#ARCBookReview: Lucky Shot (The Montana Hamiltons #3) by B.J. Daniels

Title and Author: Lucky Shot by B.J. Daniels
No. of Pages: 368
Series: The Montana Hamiltons #3
Publication Date: November 24th 2015 by HQN Books
Genre: Romantic Suspense, Western Romance, Mystery

ARC Book Review:

Lucky Shot by B.J. Daniels is the third book in The Montana Hamiltons. In this series, the author introduces the readers with the influential Hamilton family of Montana which comprises of Buckmaster Hamilton who is running for the office of President of America and his five daughters. His first wife, Sarah drove her car into the river twenty two years ago and was thought dead until recently when  she returned back to Montana, apparently experiencing amnesia and cant remember anything from her past twenty two years.
Why did she drive her car into the river all those years ago and that too when she had seemed happy?
Why has she returned now?
Where has she been for the last twenty two years?

All these and more questions haunt the Hamiltons and also the town which is abuzz with speculation, rumours and also the media which has camped in the small town in hopes of getting any scope on the future President.

While this mystery of Sarah runs in the background in all the books in this series, in Lucky Shot we get to read the story of Kat Hamilton, Buckmaster's daughter and Max Malone, a reporter here to investigate the mysterious disappearance and then re-appearance of Kat's mother, Sarah.

The author brings to us a crisp, engaging and multi-layered story that had me guessing and eager to know more throughout the book. There are layers upon layers of secrets that are getting uncovered throughout this series and in this book too we get to learn about some shocking secrets from Sarah's past. 

The romance development between Kat and Max is believable and while heated is also heartfelt. There is danger following these two as they try to uncover the truth behind Sarah's disappearance and her motive for coming back right before her husband is running for President. I kept getting stumped and shocked as new secrets were uncovered and more intrigue added to the Sarah's character.

I kept getting shocked at how people could be so different than their appearance and then could not help being impressed by the author's writing style and her narration prowess.

There are a number of characters that play an important role in this book as well as the series and the author has handled them beautifully. Each one has their own story and gets their own portion of limelight to take the story forward. The world building is fantastic and I could visualize the small town where everyone knew everyone and were privy of each other's private lives.

The plot is fast paced and will keep you at the edge of your seat throughout, agog with excitement and eager to know more.

While this story is a standalone, the background mystery of Sarah Hamilton makes it imperative that you read this series in order so as to understand everything better and enjoy the plot to the fullest.

All in all, Lucky Shot by BJ Daniels is a thrilling, fast paced, multi-layered and heartfelt romantic suspense with complex characters, a great plot, splendid narration and a mystery that left me eager to start the next book right away. I cant wait to see how the mystery of Sarah Hamilton turns out. 4.5 out of 5 to it and recommended to all lovers of mystery and romantic suspense. I love BJ Daniels' writing and recommend this author to everyone.

I received the book from the publishers via Netgalley and I am very thankful to them. The above review is my honest and unbiased opinion and in no way influenced.

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