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Geek Chic: Makeup Tips For Girls With Glasses.

For all the poor souls out there not blessed with the gift of perfect sight, the act of wearing makeup automatically morphs into an undesirable chore, especially with the hefty burden of glasses sitting on your nose.

Any mirror in the house is too far away from you to nail the perfect 45 degree cat-eye flick and even as you squint tirelessly at your reflection, you eventually end up with a disappointing mess of Marilyn Manson inspired eyeliner. At trying times like this, us bespectacled girls often choose to hide behind our huge frames and resign to the fact that wearing glasses equates to the inability to wear makeup well.

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However, taking the easy way out doesn’t always mean that the deal is closed. We mistakenly think that frames allow small imperfections to be hidden when in fact, wearing glasses only draws more attention to our eyes and magnifies any possible imperfections.

While it is true that glasses do bring about some cosmetic challenges, they don’t have to hinder us from looking absolutely gorgeous – celebrities like Kendall Jenner and Emily Ratajkowski are proof of how we can all slay the glasses game. Just think of glasses as the frames to showcase your perfect art pieces (aka your eyes).

Of course, it is an undeniable fact that applying makeup presents some sort of challenge when you’re an unfortunate bespectacled gal.

How do you prevent your lashes from bumping against your frames annoyingly every single time you blink? How do you deal with pesky foundation smudges at the rims of your glasses at the end of a long day? We know this can be an arduous and frustrating process – so, we’ve collated some makeup tips that will have you rocking your frames in no time!   


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1. Perfect your base

When you put glasses on, it’s easy for your skin to look washed-out in comparison to the striking colours of your frames – so you’ll want to pick a base and powder with a luminous hue that will aid in brightening your skin.

Also, all the frequent glasses-wearers will probably be all too familiar with foundation transferring to the rims and bridge of your frames. One foolproof way to prevent this from occurring is to blot your cheeks and nose bridge with a makeup sponge (e.g. the awesome Beauty Blender) to absorb any excess product applied. Once you’re done with that, make sure to dust on some setting powder to prevent smudges and stains.
2. Conceal, conceal, conceal!
Image credit: flickr.com | earthlydelights

Concealing your under-eye shadows and eye bags is an essential step – the frames cast a shadow over our eyes, which only further amplifies the presence of our ominous eye bags. This is not the right time to be skipping concealer – with glasses in the picture, you can now consider an under-eye brightening concealer your new BFF.
3. Ensure your eyebrows are on fleek
Image credit: youtube.com | Tina Yong

Sure, your glasses may frame your eyes – but your eyebrows now frame your glasses!

So, you’ll definitely want to stick with a bold, defined brow and tweeze away any stray eyebrow hairs lurking at the sides. After you’ve filled them in with your desired brow pencil or powder, blend it all out with a spoolie brush for an ‘au naturel’ look. Then, go in with a clear or coloured brow gel to keep those unruly hairs in place – and now you’ve got gorgeous, polished brows which ensure that your glasses don’t overpower the rest of your features.
4. Keep your eye makeup neutral
Image credit: youtube.com | Rita W.Catanzaro

When it comes to eyeshadow, it’s best to keep it to a bare minimum to prevent your eye makeup from looking too caked up and heavy. If you simply can’t leave the house without some eyeshadow on, go with neutral shades. Think rose gold or nudes.

When you’re putting on glasses, eyeliner is your best friend. I know, this statement sounds suspicious – but you have to trust me on this. Match the thickness of your eyeliner to the thickness of your frame for a perfect play of perspective that brings out your eyes in the most flattering way possible. Also, a little cat-eye never hurts!  

In order to prevent your eyelashes from bumping against your frames with every blink, simply curl your lashes generously using an eyelash curler. Then, apply two coats of mascara to your lashes. Go heavy at the roots but feather out at the tips. If the tips of your lashes are as heavy as the base, they will inevitably sink downwards and hit the frames of your glasses.

5. Go bold with your lips
With relatively neutral eye-makeup, feel free to rock bold lip colours and play with nuances of hues on your lips. Balance is key here – pairing a bold lip with statement glasses will only give off a classy and chic vibe that screams #girlboss. So, go ahead and whip out your violet, oxblood and brown lipsticks for the ultimate slay look.

Image credit: giphy.com

However, on days when you don’t feel bold enough to pull off vampy lips, simply opt for a glossy peach pink that will prevent your lips from looking too muted in comparison to your glasses.

With all the fun and quirky styles of eyeglasses popping up everywhere, they are rapidly becoming a must-have fashion accessory for any it-girl out there. So, think twice before reaching out to grab a pair of contact lenses over your prescription glasses – you just have to follow the tips above to look absolutely smashin’!

If you lack the aforementioned products, be sure to check out the wide array of beauty stores available on cashback site ShopBack for discounts and savings on your beauty purchases.

Hesitate no more and prepare to rock your chic glasses – wearing glasses will no longer have to be the beauty equivalent of wearing sweatpants!

About the Writer:
Shirley is an avid glasses advocate who wants to spread the love of glasses to as many girls as possible. Confession: Shirley actually just wants more people to wear glasses so that she won't seem like a four-eyed nerd.

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