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#MovieReview: The Jungle Book ~Stellar graphics, crisp story and engaging throughout!

Disney's The Jungle Book brings back the childhood memories of watching the animated Jungle Book cartoon series and the animated movie of the same name that had us all enthralled and which still rules our hearts. Be it the commanding and goosebumps inducing Sher Khan or the bubbly and kind Baloo or Bagheera who is hard on the outside and a softy on the inside, this classic tale by Rudyard Kipling of an Indian man child living among animals in a jungle is poignant, adventurous and memorable.

In this latest adaptation of Rudyard Kipling's classic, we get exemplary graphics, a tight story line and beautifully constructed characters with voices lent by some very famous actors and actresses. The whole environment in the movie is CGI and so realistic that not even for one second do we feel like anything is computer constructed and make believe. It is as if we are venturing in the wild with talking animals and a child who not only understands them but also considers them his family!

The movie follows the story in the book but doesn't go into much detail. The Director Jon Favreau sticks to the story but also adds a few twists and surprises of his own. The movie basically deals with Mowgli's encounter and battle with Sher Khan. While I would have loved a more in-depth experience into Mowgli's life in the jungle, I do understand the Director's dilemma of wrapping up the story in a decent run time. The movie's run time is 105 minutes.

I enjoyed the movie and loved revisiting my childhood favourite characters and can re-watch it again. The actors and actresses lending their voices to the characters have done a stellar job and their voices suit the characters from the book. The child actor, Neel Sethi does justice to Mowgli's character and has acted like a pro.

The graphics are most realistic but in some scenes in the later part which happen in the dark or at night, the scenes got a bit too dark at places and I had to strain my eyes to make out what was happening.

I watched the movie in 3D but not many 3D scenes are there. So you can easily watch it in 2D.

All in all, Disney's The Jungle Book movie is a lovely adaptation of the book, The Jungle Book and a movie that had me enthralled throughout. I would recommend this movie to everyone and give it 4 stars out of 5. It will be enjoyed not only by children but adults too. So go watch it with your family and friends and have fun following Mowgli as he tackles Sher Khan!

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