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#BookReview: Shards of Hope (Psy-Changeling #14) by Nalini Singh

Book Review:

I have become a huge fan of Nalini Singh. She can write spellbinding and heart thumping contemporary romances as witnessed in her Rock Kiss series and then jump genres to write mesmerizing paranormal Psy-Changeling books like this one.

I love the Psy-Changeling series and have read the books multiple times. Shards of Hope is no exception. I had been intrigued by Aden who seemed mediocre in his abilities and just a normal Psy-medic but then we also kept getting hints of hidden power and personality from him. So when I got my hands on his story, I just could not wait and boy! Was I shocked!

Aden is shown in his true glory in this book and we get an indepth insight into his character and life. His true agendas, his personal life and his hidden love for Zaira are all revealed and left me breathlessly turning the pages of the book!

Zaira's story had me empathizing with her but still I kept thinking that for Aden she sometimes didn't match but then maybe this difference in their attitudes and characters is the main draw.

Anyhow, the romance and relationship building is superb and quintessentially Nalini. The story is fast paced and we get to witness new and more dangerous developments in the Psy, Changeling and Human worlds.

I loved revisiting some old favourites and enjoyed reading about their present love filled lives, all the while feeling like I was visiting old friends whom I had accompanied to their HEA in the previous books!

All in all, Shards of Hope is an engrossing, engaging and expertly written Psy-Changeling book that left me eager to read more. I cant wait for the next book in the series and give it 5 super shiny stars out of 5! Recommended to all adult paranormal, scifi and romance lovers, go checkout this must-read Psy-Changeling series!

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