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#BookReview: Once Upon a Spy (Secrets and Seduction #3) by Sheridan Jeane

Title and Author: Once Upon a Spy by Sheridan Jeane
No. of Pages: 500
Series: Secrets and Seduction #3
Publication Date: November 17th 2015 by Flowers and Fullerton
Genre: Historical Romance, Espionage
Language: English

Book Review: 
Once Upon a Spy by Sheridan Jeane is the third book in Secrets and Seduction series but is the first book in this series that I have read and I am happy to say that this book can be read as a standalone story. Although there a few references to some past events from previous books but they are minor and in no way hamper the interest element of the story.

This book has a strong plot full of mystery, suspense, spies and romance! I loved how the author has given us a story where the world is standing at the door of war and only a small object can prevent or start it! Everyone from the heroine, hero, government officials from Russia, England, France are after it but everyone has a different reason for wanting it.

It is on such a mission to retrieve this object from the Russian Embassy that the hero and heroine meet where both are there to steal it but for their own reasons. I loved the instant intrigue and mystery the author created right from the first scene and the passion that flared between the protagonists even when they were acting as adversaries. In this book, we meet several characters both from the previous books and new ones introduced in this book. 

I loved the hero, Robert's brother, Frederick who is a spy for the Queen and given the mission to retrieve this object from the Russian Embassy. His interactions with Robert were both entertaining as well as intriguing and had me wanting to know more about the past of these two characters. Also there is a hint of a romance brewing between Frederick and Lady Harrington which has me all intrigued and I cant wait to read the next book which I hope will get us there own story!

Similarly, I loved Robert's friend Daniel and his enigmatic wife Catherine. They seem to have had an adventurous happily-ever-after and I am so eager top go back and read their story!

The protagonists, Antonia and Robert are both strong characters, independent and determined. Antonia is facing a family crisis and is determined to save her and her sister's future at any cost. When she meets Robert, sparks fly and the author has very admirably developed their romance. Both are resourceful, headstrong and likable characters and I enjoyed reading their story and rooted for a happily-ever-after for them.

The story is a lengthy 500 pages but is written in a crisp manner and is engaging throughout that not even for one moment did I feel bored. I was kept glued to my seat throughout and loved how the author narrated the story and left well calculated clues throughout the book that kept me speculating her next move throughout.

I especially loved the quotes from famous personalities at the start of each chapter that beautifully summarize the chapter and also had me acquainting myself to some great quotes!

All in all, Once Upon a Spy by Sheridan Jeane is an entertaining historical romance full of suspense and mystery that I loved reading. 4 out of 5 to it from me and recommended to all lovers of historical romance and suspense. I look forward to checking out the other books in this series soon.

I received the book from the author and I am very thankful to her. The above review is my honest and unbiased opinion and in no way influenced.

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