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#ARCBookReview: Into Dust (The Montana Hamiltons #5) by B.J. Daniels

ARC Book Review:

Into Dust is the fifth book in The Montana Hamiltons series by B.J. Daniels and takes us back to Montana to the influential and full of secrets Hamilton family. This series is one that has been a constant roller coaster with its spellbinding mystery, crisp individual story lines and expertly developed characters that keep achieving new heights with each successive book. With each new book, the stories are getting better and better and more engrossing. Each time I finish a book in this series, I am left stunned and eagerly wanting to grab the next book. The wait is so intense that I often find myself checking and double checking the release dates of the upcoming books. This series is that good!

In this book, we get the story of Cassidy Hamilton, the youngest daughter of Presidential candidate, Buckmaster Hamilton. Cassidy has spent her life in the spotlight, being one of five daughters of Buckmaster and never lived free. Tired of her sheltered life, she has been travelling aimlessly around the world until an attack puts her in harms way. Saved by Jack Durand, she forms an unexpected alliance with him. 

Jack is on his own mission. Trying to figure out his father's mysterious behaviour who he knows is behind Cassidy's attack, he is forced to lie to her but is determined to protect her. Sparks fly amidst all the danger but is there a happily-ever-after possible for them?

B.J Daniels has a unique writing style where she pulls the reader into her stories and often juggles with theories that we know are too far fetched to be true like the memory suppression one in this series where Sarah Hamilton returns after twenty two years of disappearance with no memory because all her memories have been deliberately suppressed but despite this, we cant help but sit spellbound as we watch these theories in full effect making everything seem so real.

She has played the plot beautifully. There are expertly placed twists and turns that left me gaping and then gasping in surprise and then right the next moment praying for the well being of my favourite characters. There is thrill, mystery, passion and beautiful emotional play in this book and series.

The story is fast paced and I finished it in one sitting because you cant stop reading once you start on the books in The Montana Hamilton series!

The mystery of Sarah's disappearance and her sudden re-appearance after decades is developed further in this book and connected beautifully with Cassidy's romance which is passionate and heartfelt.

This series is best read in order because while the author gives a recap of the past events, the stories are better understood if you have read the previous books.

The book shocked me, wowed me and left me hungry to know more. I cant wait to grab the next book and cant stop raving about this series. You just have to go and read it. It is just too good!

4.5 out of 5 to Into Dust by B.J. Daniels from me and strongly recommended to everyone. I cant wait to read more about Cassidy, Jack and the whole Hamilton clan and cant stop speculating how it will all end. I am eagerly awaiting the next book that narrates Ainsley's story (who has intrigued me ever since the first book) and comes out in October this year.

I received an ARC from the publishers, Harlequin via Netgalley and I am very thankful to them. The above is my honest and unbiased opinion and in no way influenced.

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