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#ProductReview: Multipro Indian Ghodiyu, Indian Style Baby Cradle and Baby Hammock

Multipro Indian Ghodiyu, Indian Style Cradle, Baby Cradle, Quick Set up For New Born Baby, Indian Baby Swing Cradle Foldable Hammock, Baby Hammock, Baby Cradle N Swing sold by MultiPro on Amazon is as the name suggests a portable Indian style cradle and hammock that I am using for my newborn and loving it!
Multipro Indian style baby cradle with inbuilt net.

The cradle and hammock are made of cotton and I am pleasantly surprised by the weight and the portability aspects of this product. In this post I will share my review with you all but first, a few details of this product.

Price: 6200 INR

Item Weight: 13.6 pounds

Recommended for children of age: 0 to 1 year

Product Dimensions: 45.6 x 36 x 33 inches


Components of the cradle along with the carry bag.

My Review:

Things I liked about Multipro Indian Ghodiyu, Indian Style Baby Cradle and Baby Hammock (Pros):

1) Attractive look and design: This was the first thing that I noticed. The cradle looks elegant, lovely and the design is unisex, so suitable for both baby boy and baby girl.

2) Soft cotton material used for the cradle and hammock. 

- The material is high quality,

- it is very soft and comfortable, 

- the design on it is pleasing to both the baby and adults and 

- the cotton also makes it easier to clean

- It is easily washed and 

- also a breathable material that doesn't suffocate the child and also doesn't cause any allergies
I used the cradle in blistering summer and now monsoon and in both these seasons, my kid didn't feel hot, didn't get any rashes and absolutely loves swinging in this cradle set!

3) The cradle and hammock are very spacious and also contain a net to protect the baby from insects like mosquitoes. 

- The length and width of the cradle and hammock is adequate for babies right from newborn to thirty six months of age with weight upto 20 kg and height up to 78 cm (30 inch). 

- The net provided is soft, light and promotes easy air ventilation so the net can be zipped without worrying about suffocating the baby.

-The net also protects the baby from insects like mosquitoes and hence protects from dangerous diseases like malaria.

4) Portable, easily assembled and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

- The cradle is easily assembled in just a few minutes and doesn't require any tools to assemble it. Just put the pieces together and tighten them by hand. Even people like me who are not comfortable using screwdrivers and other such tools can assemble the cradle set with ease.

-The cradle and hammock can be setup both indoors and outdoors due to the ease of carrying it around. It comes with a bag that can be used to carry the pieces of the cradle set and the whole thing can be easily carried with you when you travel. I carried it in my car trunk (it reduces to just 2 Foot long once folded) when I travelled and was thrilled to find that it not only comes together easily, it also gets dissembled just as easily and in just a few minutes. The portability is definitely a plus of this product and something that not only made my kid happy but also me.

5) The frame is made of stainless steel pipes that are light, sturdy, durable and corrosion and rust free.

- The stainless pipes are hollow inside so they are very light but very sturdy and can hold weight upto 20 kg.

-They are rust and corrosion resistant.

-So it is low maintenance.

6) The plastic used in the frame is high quality and strong. 

I accidentally dropped the frame several times and also tested it while travelling on bumpy roads but still the plastic and the steel frame endured everything and there was no scratch and crack in the plastic.

7) This is a curved bed cradle and hammock based on centuries old cradle style from India. 

Multipro Indian Ghodiyu is a curved bed cradle and the benefits of using a curved bed cradle is that, 

- along with the swaddling

- it keeps the baby feeling like he/she's in a cocoon and makes them feel safe and 

- makes for comfortable and long sleep for him/her. 

- calms the baby with just a few swing cycles.

- Also the curved bed cradle supports and shapes the baby's skull which is still soft after birth and helps it come in an ideal round shape.

A separate Hammock with inbuilt net also comes with this cradle.

8) The cradle and hammock can also be rocked from afar using the string provided.

9) The seller, MultiPro is very prompt in answering queries and very supportive. 

The delivery of the product was late for me due to the lethargic delivery by the DTDC courier service who were most unprofessional and rude when I asked them about the delay. They didn't even inform me about the delay in delivery and due to some internal dispute stopped the delivery of the product which then I had to get resolved by the seller who were very quick in solving the issue and most courteous. So the delivery of the product took more than 2 weeks despite coming from within India and the package when it arrived came with torn packing! 

While I am very appreciative of the service provided by the seller, I am most unsatisfied by DTDC courier and don't recommend this courier service to anyone.

10) The product comes with easy to understand instructions with pictorial representation to make assembling the cradle easier.

Things I didn't like about Multipro Indian Ghodiyu, Indian Style Baby Cradle and Baby Hammock (Cons):

1) The cloth material of the cradle and hammock could have been more sturdy. It seems a bit light for heavier babies who can fall if the cloth rips.

2) The stitching is not as sturdy as expected. It started ripping slightly after using it for almost a month.

3) The zip is low quality and can break easily.

4) The loops provided to attach the string to rock the cradle from afar are not strong and tear easily. The string provided with the cradle is also very thin and not sturdy enough to handle the weight of the cradle with the child in it and rock it effectively.

5) The metal hangers used to hang the cloth cradle and hammock make some noise when we swing the child in it. This noise sometimes wakes the baby and could have been eliminated.

All in all, Multipro Indian Ghodiyu, Indian Style Baby Cradle and Baby Hammock is a decent cradle that has made my life easier and that my kid loves sleeping in. Better than most other cradles available in the market, I recommend this product and give it 4 stars out of 5. 

I hope the seller will take note of the things I felt can be improved about the product and work on making this promising Indian Ghodiyu even better.

I received the product from the seller to use and review and I am very thankful to them. The above review is my honest and unbiased opinion and in no way influenced.

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