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#ProductReview: Set of 3 Mat Finish 2.3 Ltrs Storage Containers with Colourful lids by Kurtzy

I have been using a Set of 3 Mat Finish 2.3 Ltrs Storage Containers from Kurtzy and they are really good. In today's post I will be sharing my review of these airtight containers with you all.

My Review:

Things I liked about this product:

1) Kurtzy seller has brought out a set of 3 Mat finish storage containers with colourful, airtight lids that can be used to store a variety of stuff right from cereals, rice, pulses, cookies, sugar, herbs to any other food items that we want to store and keep fresh like I am using one of these jars to store my muesli and others to store cookies and dry fruits. 

2) With a storage capacity of 2.3 Ltrs, we can store approximately 2 kgs of food items which is very useful when storing food items in bulk. 

3) The containers are also air tight so any food items stored are kept fresh. However, the lids are not a 100% airtight but still they do the job.

4) The make of the jars is not only beautiful and attractive but also makes them occupy less shelf space and I can also easily monitor and refill the items as they are used.

5) High quality plastic is used in the jars and lids.

6) The lids open and close easily and the stored items are kept unspoiled for long. The lids can also be exchanged and they still fit the jars.

7) These Mat Finish storage containers are easily washable and are low maintenance.

8) The pricing is also economic and at 469 INR after discount, I recommend this storage container set to everyone.

9) They also make great gifting option with their lovely design and efficient storage of food.

Things I didn't like about this product: 

The delivery was prompt and the packaging sturdy. 
The only con is that the packaging was a bit too well done because I could not get the jars that had been stuck inside one another to come apart and had to really work hard to pry them out, all the while afraid of damaging them.


All in all, I thoroughly love this Set of 3 Mat Finish 2.3 Ltrs Storage Containers with Colourful lids by Kurtzy. This containers have not only come as a blessing for me and store food items efficiently but they also beautify my kitchen with their trendy design. At a pocket friendly price for such high quality product with a big storage capacity of 2.3 Ltrs, I recommend this set to everyone and give it 4.5 stars out of 5. Go buy this set at the current discount of 57% and enjoy!

I received 2.3Ltrs - Set of 3 Mat Finish Storage Containers With Colorful Lids from the seller, Kurtzy and I am very thankful to them. The above is my honest and unbiased opinion and in no way influenced.

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