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#ARCBookReview: Honor Bound (The Montana Hamiltons #6) by B.J. Daniels

ARC Book Review:

Honor Bound by B.J. Daniels is the sixth and the last book in her spellbinding The Montana Hamilton series. I suggest that you read the books in order so as to understand the storyline better. I have been religiously following this series right from the start and feel this is one of BJ's best series. 

Set in Montana around the influential Hamilton family where the head of the family, Buckmaster Hamilton is running for President, this book narrates the story of his eldest daughter, Ainsley. Now Ainsley has been an intriguing character right from the start. She has played the role of a mother to her younger sisters after their own mother died and has always played a background role till now. Trusted to give the right advise both by her father and her sisters, she scouts potential shooting locations for movies and advertisements and so travels extensively. During one such assignment, she meets Sawyer who saves her from an accident and sparks fly. But Sawyer is not the stranger she thinks he is. He has a vendetta of his own for being around her and all those "accidents" around Ainsley are not accidents. With a killer on the loose and the family drama at its peak with their mother returning from the dead after twenty two years with no memory and her father's election looming over them, there are too many variables ruling her life at this time.

I was so eager to read Ainsley's story and with this book, the author has yet again delivered a crisp plot with romance and a thrilling suspense. I enjoyed Ainsley and Sawyer part of the story and loved this pair. Sawyer complements her beautifully. Both are strong, independent and loyal people ready to do anything for their loved ones. Their romance is expertly developed and is both passionate and emotionally rich. However, it takes a bit of a backseat because the author focuses more on wrapping up the series. But still this didn't hurt their story which shows BJ's writing prowess.

The main mystery of Sarah Hamilton's disappearance and re-appearance is closed in this book and I enjoyed getting answers to all my questions. While the wrap is good, it still could have been better. I wanted to know more about Cassidy and Jack's life after the life changing experiment done on them in the previous book, Into Dust. I also wanted to read more about the terrorist organization and lastly, more on Sarah before coming back and after getting her full memory back. She remains an enigma until the end and I was left wondering if she will feature again in some other series by B.J Daniels.

I was just so so glad to see the happily-ever-after of Detective Frank Curry and Nettie. These two have been my favourite couple across books and finally seeing them happy, free of the danger that lurked over them, I was left all smiles and wishing to see them solving more mysteries together in the future. Maybe BJ Daniels will feature them again. I have my fingers crossed!

BJ Daniels is a pro at writing romantic suspense and she shines in this series. The writing is fluid, expressive and the twists and turns planned expertly. All theories, howsoever far fetched looking, seem so real and possible- thanks to her talent as a writer. The characters are memorable, suspense breathtaking, drama high voltage and stories unforgettable in this book and series.

All in all, Honor Bound closes all loose ends, wraps up the mysteries in this intense, high drama series and there is a happily-ever-after for each of our much loved character from this series. 4.5 out of 5 to it and recommended to all lovers of romance with a thrilling dose of suspense.

I received an ARC from the Harlequin publishers via Netgalley and I am very thankful to them. The above is my honest and unbiased opinion and in no way influenced.

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