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Celebrating my friendship ~ #YaaronKiBaraat

"True friendship multiplies the good in life and divides its evils..."

This quote is so close to the friendship I have been blessed with in my life.

When I met my best friend for the first time…

A best friend is someone I had never felt the need to have. I was happy with having many friends none of whom were very close to me which suited me just fine but then I met Nishant. I met him during the Professional Development class in college. We were put in the same pair and given an activity to perform. I was very excited and ready to lead the activity but he sat far away from me completely silent with downcast eyes. I still remember my attempt at engaging him.

"Why are you sitting so far away? Come closer. I don't bite!" 

I had said with a mischievous smile on my face except it had had no effect on him. He had just stood up and brought his chair closer to me before sitting back down without ever lifting his eyes!
We somehow managed to complete the activity with him only responding in monosyllables and no one, certainly not me, could have guessed that he would one day become my best friend. But he did and my life changed.

And we became friends…

Since that day, we started chatting online slowly moving to meeting up for study sessions and soon became friends. However, it was one particular event that really got me close to him.

Happy moments with my best friend.

A friend in need is a best friend indeed!

College was closing for the winter holidays but with the buses on strike, I had no way to reach home directly. I was afraid to try out the indirect train route alone and sensing my fear and discomfort, he decided to accompany me home. I still remember feeling touched by his concern for my wellbeing and so thankful to him. This event proved a turning point in our friendship and Nishant became my best friend because he got me even when I hadn’t said anything. Not only did he accompany me home, he also took care of me by taking a lead in everything right from booking tickets to finding autos to helping me with my luggage. He truly came to my rescue when I had no one to turn to. None of my other friends had offered to help me like he did.

Another happy memory!

Two foodies unite to conquer the world of food!

Nishant and I share a love for food and we are very adventurous in our tastes. It was this mutual love for tasty delicacies that brought us closer still. It became our unbroken pact to go hunting for new tastes which is still going strong. We can often be seen scouting new restaurants and trying out new dishes. Being foodies, celebration for us is good food.

We are best friends with a love for good food!

Opposites make a good friendship mix!

It is so true that opposites attract and we are a perfect example. I am almost obsessive about a task that I set my mind to do while Nishant can be the worst procrastinator. He delays and delays doing things that is so infuriating that I feel like pulling my hair and shouting at the top of my lungs just to jerk him out of his laziness and get him going!
However, despite this, he is the most caring person I know and whenever I feel like I am at my wits end with him, he goes and does something so sweet that it becomes impossible staying mad at him.

A true friendship entails lots of laughter, support and ofcourse teasing.

We became friends almost nine years ago and our friendship has only grown stronger with time. First we became friends, then best friends and then fell in love with each other and are now happily married. 

First we became friends, then best friends and then fell in love with each other and are now happily married. 

Our kid arrived just a few months back and has only strengthened my love and devotion towards my best friend and now husband.

Best friends happily married with a sweet kid. 

I hope we stay best friends, accomplices in happiness and sadness and in love for all the years to come because a best friend is the person who gets you and for me that is him.

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Do you have a best friend? Do share your memorable friendship anecdotes with me. I love hearing from you.

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