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#AuthorInterview, #ARCBookReview and #BookBlitz: Faith In Every Footstep (Faith, Hope, and Love Book 1) by Wesley Banks

On the eve of one of mankind’s toughest races, accompanied by thirteen of America’s rarest dog breed, rookie musher Kyle Walker only has one thought in mind: win. Discovered in the lowlands of South Carolina, the Carolina grays have traveled over five thousand miles to face off in the 2003 Yukon Quest. But one dog stands above the rest—King.

When an unexpected storm strikes, Kyle Walker and the reigning champion are forced to turn back. Stranded at the checkpoint, Kyle and his dogs find solace in a young veterinarian with auburn hair and keen green eyes—Jenna Maynor.

In this storm another race is forming, one of an Inuit man racing to save his family. Presented with the choice to help, but at the risk of his and his dogs’ lives, Kyle Walker ventures into the unknown in search of a mom and two young daughters.

The Yukon Quest was founded on the premise that a dog driver and his team should be a self-sufficient unit capable of challenging varied terrain and severe weather. But these conditions may prove to be too much, even for Kyle and King.

ARC Book Review

I was eager to read Wesley Banks' next book and jumped at the chance to read an ARC. 
Checkout my complete review here:

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Interview with Wesley Banks

Q1. Please tell us why we should read your book. Use one sentence only.

Faith In Every Footstep is Jack London meets Nicholas Sparks, and you will fall in love with Kyle Walker and his dog King.

Q2. Why did you did you decide to write Faith In Every Footstep?

I’ve always had this plot in the back of my mind, but it was only when fans of Hope In Every Raindrop kept calling for more of Kyle Walker and his dogs that I pulled the trigger.

Q3. Do you have a favorite character in Faith In Every Footstep? A least favorite?

I loved Kvothe from The Name of the Wind, and Vaelin Al Sorna from Blood Song

Q4. What is your process? Do you plan everything out before you begin writing or just go for it?

I have a general outline of the scenes I want to include before I start, but other than that I just dive in.

Q5. Computer? Typewriter? Pen and paper? What is your favorite way to write?

I pretty much only write on my laptop.

Q6. Coffee or Tea?

Neither. Water, apple juice, or mountain dew are my go to drinks.

Q7. What kind of background noise do you prefer when you are writing?

I prefer spoken word or motivational tracks. I’m not sure why, just what works for me.

Q8. What is your favorite genre to read?

Either fantasy or non-fiction.

Q9. Who is your favorite author?

Ralph Waldo Emerson, Michael Lewis, Patrick Rothfuss are a few.

Q10. What is the one book you think everyone should read?

Emerson’s Essays

Q11. What did you want to be when you grew up?

Shortstop for the New York Yankees.

Q12. Tell us three things about yourself that cannot be found on the Internet.

That’s tough, because last year I wrote this: http://wesleybanksauthor.com/25-things/
I’ll give it a try though:
  1. I love Wal-Mart’s mac ‘n cheese. Like I could eat it every day.
  2. I’m going on vacation in Thailand next March.
  3. My wife just signed up for a free month of Netflix, and I can’t stop re-watching One Tree Hill.
Q13. Any other books in the works? Goals for future projects?

I’ll be working on the third (and likely final) book of the Faith, Hope, Love series: Love And All That Is Lost. Not sure when it will be published, but likely mid 2017.

Also Available
Hope In Every Raindrop: A Sled Dog Adventure and Romance (Faith, Hope, and Love Book 2)

Small towns have big stories. That was a lesson Katie's father taught her years ago. A lesson she's taken to heart. And right now, Katie is desperate for a big story.

Reeling from the recent loss of her father and with her agent breathing down her neck for the next book, the twenty-one-year-old writer picks a spot on the map and finds herself bound for a middle-of-nowhere town called Bishopville, South Carolina.

Taking a chance on the words of a local grocer, Katie stumbles upon a rare breed of dogs raised by the town doctor and his nephew Kyle. The only problem? Kyle isn't interested in telling stories--especially not to a big-city girl who can't seem to sit still. In an attempt to win him over as the clock winds down, Katie finds herself immersed in Kyle's world, doing everything but writing.

When inspiration finally strikes, Katie is faced with an unforeseen catastrophe and a truth she can no longer ignore. While she has come to love the dogs, the real story may be about Kyle Walker.

About the author

Wesley Banks was born in 1983 and grew up on the west coast of Florida. He graduated from the University of Florida with a Bachelor's and Master's degree in Civil Engineering. After spending over 7 years building movable bridges from Florida to Washington he decided to focus on his true passion: writing.

Wesley recently moved from Florida to Oregon to get back to the great outdoors that he's love so much. He lives with his wife Lindsey, and his two dogs Linkin and Story. Most of his time these days is spent writing, with as much rock climbing, hiking, or skiing as they can fit in.

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