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Take it ezee with Godrej Ezee Liquid Detergent! ~ #EzeeCares

I love the winter season and with it the vibrant fashion it brings in terms of clothes. This is my favourite season to shop and my wardrobe bears testimony to this. I love trying out new trends in woolens right from the bright coloured and varied styled scarves to sweaters to shrugs but while buying them makes me feel happy, it is their maintenance that worries me.

Unlike cotton, silk or other fabrics that we wear in summers, woolen clothes require special care to preserve their soft texture and colours. They require gentle washing and unlike other fabrics "no ragad" which can fade the bright colours and make the woolens feel coarse, thereby reducing their life.

Godrej Ezee Liquid Detergent

Ezee Liquid Detergent for woolen clothes from Godrej is a godsend. Not like the hard detergents that fade the colour of our woolen clothes and make them loose their style, Ezee keeps the woolens bright and new because of its No Soda Formula.

Powder Detergents, no matter how expensive they are, contain 'Soda'.  Soda is corrosive and robs off our favourite woolens of colour and style. I became tension free when I bought the new Godrej Ezee- the pH-neutral liquid detergent with a 'Zero Soda' formula that cleans gently and keeps my sweaters new, wash after wash. Not to forget the in-built fabric conditioner system that leaves the woolens with a pleasant fragrance- every time.

It is so easy to use Godrej Ezee to wash woolen clothes. Either you machine wash or hand wash them, just one cap of the liquid detergent cleans six to eight woolen clothes effectively. 

Soak the clothes in Ezee for ten minutes and gently hand wash to clean them. No "ragad" required. Even the tough stains get removed like a charm, leaving the clothes smelling fresh and feeling soft and new!

During machine wash, simply add one cap of Ezee to six-eight pieces of woolen clothes and wash normally. No hassles and definitely no "ragad" required. Washing our winter wears was never this easy.

My winter clothes look new and remain unharmed wash after wash with Godrej Ezee and I am so glad I took my mother's advice to take it ezee with Ezee!

I happily recommend Ezee to everyone. Ezee is not only "Ezee to use" but also "Ezee to choose". It comes in a wide range of packaging to suit everyone. Gentle washing our winter clothes was never this easy. Go try Godrej Ezee and experience its magic firsthand.

Have you tried Ezee Liquid Detergent? Do share your views with me. I love hearing from you.
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