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#ARCBookReview: The Billionaire Next Door (Billionaire Bad Boys #2) by Jessica Lemmon

ARC Book Review:

The Billionaire Next Door is the second book in Billionaire Bad Boys series by Jessica Lemmon. Having thoroughly enjoyed reading the first book, The Billionaire Bachelor, I was eager to read this book that is Tag Crane, the youngest of the Crane siblings' story.

Tag was introduced as a fun loving, casual dressing man who loves to pump his muscles, be the life of the party and love women without any promises of relationship; but who, despite all his frivolous and casual ways, is a hard worker and travels different places as part of his job of running the luxurious Crane Hotels. I had been intrigued by Tag right from the first moment and could not wait to read this book.

The Billionaire Next Door has all the ingredients of a bestseller romance. It has a hunky, alpha hero with a playfulness no woman can resist; a strong heroine who instantly wins our hearts with her determination to brave all the hurdles in her path, even if it means going from a high paying job as an executive to tending a bar and walking dogs! It also has that "my-neighbour-is-a-billionaire-but-I-dont-know-that" element that adds a thrill to the story and the romance is hot, sexy and explosive.
But despite all these spicy ingredients, I just couldn't get engaged in this story. I started, stopped and then restarted reading this book so many times but after a point, every time, I started getting bored and could not continue.

I felt the plot could have been handled better. We got Rachel's backstory in a few pages and then the romance started which kept going on and on and on with very slow development in the sub-plots.

I loved Rachel and Tag is a likeable character. He had so much potential but could not leave his mark on me. But I loved how they fit together so well despite being so different.

All in all, The Billionaire Next Door by Jessica Lemmon is a decent story that, according to me, had much potential and could have been better handled. I do feel a little let down by this book but still feel that it can be read once. It has some memorable scenes and I enjoyed some parts of the book. 3.5 stars out of 5 to it from me.

I am eager to read the next book in this series, I have come to love. The characters feel like friends and I want more of their stories.

I received an ARC from the publishers via netgalley and I am very thankful to them. The above is my honest and unbiased opinion and in no way influenced.

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