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#ProductReview: GeekCases Xtreme Indestructible Apple Lightning / 8 PIN Reversible Connector Cable (3.3Ft / 1M) with 2.4Amps Fast Charging and Data Sync for iPhone, iPad & iPod - BLUE

I bought GeekCases Xtreme Indestructible Apple Lightning / 8 PIN Reversible Connector Cable online from Amazon after reading about its terrific specifications and the attractive pricing. I have an Amazon Prime membership (which I heartily recommend) so I received this cable very promptly without paying any additional shipping charge.

Product Review:

GeekCases Xtreme Indestructible cable justifies its name and below is my experience so far.


1) The cable looks classy and premium. The connector and the USB is encased in a metallic blue case which not only makes it tough but also very exclusive looking.
The cable has 3 core braiding (Outer - Toughened Nylon, Middle - Weaved Metal Wires, & Inner - TPE with Aluminium Foil) which provides protection against accidental wear and tear and lends durability and sturdiness to this cable.

2) The cable is tangle free and malleable so can be easily rolled up to be carried without any fear of damaging it. A definite improvement over the original cables I got with my Apple devices.

3) The cable fits easily across a wide range of Apple devices (Apple iPhone 5 / 5S, Apple iPhone 6 / 6 Plus, Apple iPhone 6S / 6S Plus, Apple iPhone 7 / 7 Plus, Apple iPad 4, Apple iPad Air, Apple iPad Air - 2, Apple iPad Pro (9.7 & 12.9), Apple iPad Mini, Apple iPad Mini 2) and it worked beautifully with the devices I have which include an iPhone 6s, iPad Mini and an iPad. The data transmission and charging speed is faster as compared to the stock cables.

4) The material of the connector is AirCraft Aluminium alloy so it does not corrode and there is no tension of a short circuit. The core is American grade tinned Oxygen-free copper (OFC) which has high conductivity and ensures stable and efficient charging and data transmission with minimum signal loss.

5) The cable length of 1M is optimal and I have no complains here.

6) We get 1 YEAR WARRANTY which is another plus when compared to the other cables which come with 6 months of warranty.

7) I loved the BLUE colour which is eye catching. This cable is also available in 3 other captivating colour options of GOLD, BLACK and RED.

8) Supports high speed charging of 2.4A rapid charging and data transmission for Apple Devices with Lightning / 8 Pin Connector.

9) Available at a pocket friendly price of just 399 INR, this is a value for money buy.

10) The packaging of the cable is durable and it came to me undamaged from Amazon.


None observed so far. I have been using this cable for a month. Will update if I come across any in the future.


All in all, GeekCases Xtreme Indestructible Apple Lightning / 8 PIN Reversible Connector Cable has proven a great buy for me with its pocket friendly price and attractive features that make this cable a must have for everyone. I give this cable super shiny 5 stars and strongly recommend it to everyone.

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