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#ProductReview: MatrikaS The Creative Woman's Journal (Feather- To Write)

#ProductReview: MatrikaS The Creative Woman's Journal (Feather- To Write) Review

Writing is like breathing to me. The habit of reading and writing went hand in hand in my house and as I have grown older, the love has only multiplied. 

As you know, I always carry two things with me- a book and a diary. There is nothing more soothing and relaxing than jotting down my innermost thoughts, dilemmas and feelings in my diary while taking notes on experiences that look promising for future blog posts. A faithful recorder of my thought processes, a dairy or a journal not only acts as a storage medium but also helps me plan my day. 

With a just-started-walking baby in the house, my life as a new mommy is not only more challenging but also demands more structure so I am able to balance my responsibilities and also get some downtime.

When I heard about the new range from MatrikaS called The Creative Woman's Journal which comes in four avatars- 

Butterfly- To Dream

Fish- To Glide

Dragonfly- To Fly

Feather- To Write

I knew I had to try them out. I selected the "Feather- To Write" variant which aptly describes the creative woman in me.

I first got introduced to MatrikaS Paper products when I used, loved and then subsequently reviewed some of their amazingly varied paper products here on NWoBS in 2014. 

Ever since then I have used many MatrikaS products and loved each one. They are known for their innovative products that are not only beautiful to look at but also bring the usefulness factor to the table.

Today, I will review The Creative Woman's Journal (Feather-To Write) from MatrikaS with you.

MatrikaS The Creative Woman's Journal (Feather- To Write) Review

Product Review:

1) Crisp red with a gold feather, this Feather- To Write Creative Woman journal is firstly, very eye catching. The handsome design with soft cloth featuring cover will make you stop and take notice!

MatrikaS The Creative Woman's Journal (Feather- To Write) Review

2) It is light weight, ideally sized at 14.7 cm x 20.5 cm /224 pages to fit in majority bags and hand bags so carrying it with you is very easy and no fuss.

3) The Journal is hard bound and I love its sturdiness. No need to worry about accidentally tearing the cover.

4) It comes with round corners which is another plus for the mommy in me. With no sharp corners, I am not worried about my baby harming himself with it.

5) The pages are crisp, soft to touch and high quality. With a single natural shade paper, these journals look and feel classy.

6) Apart from the single colour design and high quality paper, MatrikaS The Creative Woman's Journals also come with eight colouring pages that can be easily used for colouring, doodling and shading. These nature inspired sheets act as therapeutic and stress relieving mediums that instantly improve my mood and I simply love these additions. Way to go, MatrikaS!

MatrikaS The Creative Woman's Journal (Feather- To Write) Review

7) There are also cool and quirky stickers made available for creative writing in this journal with titles like "My Secret Lists", "Moods" etc. and I just adore them. 

MatrikaS The Creative Woman's Journal (Feather- To Write) Review

8) For people like me who are always misplacing their pens, this journal comes with a pen holder. Cool, isn't it!

MatrikaS The Creative Woman's Journal (Feather- To Write) Review

9) A Satin Page Marker adds more utility and appeal to this journal.

MatrikaS The Creative Woman's Journal (Feather- To Write) Review

10) As if all this is not enough, there is also an elastic for safe locking.

11) A pouch on the back cover gives added space to keep stuff.

MatrikaS The Creative Woman's Journal (Feather- To Write) Review

12) With personal data pageruled diary pages, "scribble your heart away" blank sheets, colouring sheets and sticker pages, this journal also has "Books to be read", "Places to be visited", "Names and Addresses" labeled pages that further add to the awesomeness of MatrikaS Creative Woman Journals.

13) If you haven't already been wowed yet then this last but not the least attractive point will definitely make you fall in love with MatrikaS Creative Woman Journals and that is the pricing. Priced at a pocket friendly price of just 450 INR, this journal is a great gifting option for everyone- friends and family and to yourself.


I have been using this lovely journal since last month and I can't praise it enough. An innovative, modern and attractive product, this journal has become a necessity in my daily planning and I am loving each second spent using it.

Found no cons till date, I strongly recommend MatrikaS The Creative Woman's Journals to everyone. Themed on the modern creative woman, these journals showcase the different dreams, aspirations and strength of women. I chose "Feather- To Write" because I have a writer's soul and feel this suits me best. Go ahead and choose your variant of choice and I am sure you will not regret buying MatrikaS The Creative Woman's Journals.

So much thought and planning has gone in this journal that it deserves 5 super shiny stars out of 5 from me and I look forward to dreaming, planning, writing and structuring my life better with this journal.

Do you own such innovative and eye catching journals? Share your thoughts with me in the comments section below.

About MatrikaS:

MatrikaS is a paper products brand under SFA Print (P) Ltd. that showcases refreshing range of products includes Premium Notebooks, Journals, Diaries and high quality book making services.

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