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#CleanUpCashOut ~ The misadventures of a buyer trying to sell her old mobile.

Technology is changing so rapidly that gadgets that were the "must-haves" then are effortlessly replaced each day by newer versions with better features. However, the sad part of all this change is that my salary doesn't increment with the same speed and when I do manage to buy the much coveted gadget I often find people around me handling a newer, more features laden variant!

Now it would be a blessing if we had some place where we could sell our old gadgets and get some cash out of these no-longer-used pieces. But in my past experience every time I went about trying to sell any of my older mobiles, tablets or any other gadget, I didn't have much luck and often ended up either giving it away for free or at laughably low rates.

I still remember this one incident where I waited months till I got a bonus to buy this one mobile that promised the "best mobile camera”. Ahh, the feeling of joy and accomplishment you get when you buy something from your own hard earned money. I was overjoyed and ecstatic. However, as is the case with technology, soon I started feeling the need for a new phone that could support the heavier android apps and could still operate smoothly without hangups. So I bought the new phone. 

My friends suggested I sell my old mobile and get some cash, rather than letting it gather dust, forgotten in some cupboard and so began my adventures of trying to sell my old mobile.

There were so many websites I used to post ads about my mobile and got a multitude of some serious and some hilariously nonsensical comments where people quoted prices that had me feeling a range of emotions right from anger, frustration to laugh out loud giddiness but my mobile still stayed unsold.

I kept thinking how could it be that no one was willing to give decent money for a fully functional mobile?! 

It was frustrating and downright sad watching my beloved phone remain unsold and unwanted. This had been a mobile I had coveted for so long and waited to buy for so long. I felt tempted to keep it with me and not sell it but I knew that with new mobile that I had already bought, this one would remain unused. So it was better to sell it and give someone the chance of owning a high end mobile they could not afford to buy brand new.

However, with each new messenger inquiry, each new bargaining battle and each new stranger telling me how there was no value to my mobile, I felt like pulling my hair.

This haggle battle went so far as to a stranger telling me to add some bonus goodies with my mobile like a memory card to get people to pay something for it and I felt confused like the below cartoon.

Add bonus goodies like a memory card with your mobile to add some value to your old gadget they said and I felt confused. Was my mobile so worthless that I had to give away extra stuff to get any money from the resale?!

Ultimately, I sold my 40000 INR plus valued mobile for a meagre sum of 500 INR and that too when I gave away a 1000 INR valued mobile cover with it! 

So in all, I sold my mobile at a loss and the only things I got was a dent in my confidence of my ability to resell stuff and the exasperation of giving away my perfectly working gadget almost free!

Recently, I came to know of cashify that makes it super easy to sell our old mobiles, tablets or iPhones. Just enter the details of your gadget and the website provides the market relevant quote for it. There is free pickup too and you get paid on pickup itself which is very cool. With a promise of assured sale in 60 seconds, cashify symbolises #SellingSimplied with its #CleanUpCashOut philosophy which is why even Gabbar uses it to sell his old phone in just 60 seconds here!

It is a blessing and will prove so helpful when I decide to sell my mobiles, tablets or iPhones in the future.

If you have an old mobile, tablet or any other gadget to sell, just use Cashify and sell smart. If you use the coupon CLEANCASH you can even get another Rs. 250 on the sale price.

Do share with me your experiences of selling your old phones in the comments section below. 

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