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#ProductReview: Mangalam Camphor Cone / Kapoor Cone - Room Freshener, Mosquito Repellent

Imagine entering a room that smells fresh with a fragrance that appeals to your senses and instantly relaxes you. Wouldn't this be great?!

I like to keep my house smelling good and often use room fresheners, essential oil diffusers and essence sticks for this. Majority room fresheners have chemicals that are harmful in the long run and cause allergies or even asthma. In my quest for an organic room freshener, I came across Mangalam Camphor Cone which, as its name suggests, is a camphor cone wrapped in cloth that can be hung anywhere- in your room, in your washroom, in your car or your closets to lend a refreshing fragrance to the air and it also repels mosquitos and other smaller insects.

In today's post, I will share my experience of using Mangalam Camphor Cone / Kapoor Cone with you all.

About the product:

Name: Mangalam Camphor Cone / Kapoor Cone 
Price: 297 INR for 3 cones.
Ingredients: Organic Camphor/Kapoor

Mangalam Camphor Cone / Kapoor Cone Review:


1) Sturdy packaging and easy installation- Mangalam Camphor Cone comes wrapped in a cloth covering with an elastic loop. Just hang this cone using this elastic loop and you are done!

2) Organic ingredient- The camphor or kapoor used is organic and therefore safe with no ill-effects of synthetic and chemical based room fresheners. Also as we know camphor is very health friendly. It is antiseptic, helpful in curing asthma, cough and cold, natural air cleanser, decongestant and used in aromatherapy to name a few of its uses.

3) Pleasing and subtle fragrance of camphor- I have to confess, I love the smell of camphor and so absolutely adore the fragrance of Mangalam Camphor Cone. While the smell is subtle and not very over powering, but still if you are sensitive to the smell of camphor it can irritate your nose.

4) Effective room freshener and mosquito repellent- My room feels fresh and smells pleasant ever since I have started using Mangalam Camphor Cone. There is also a marked decline in the appearance of mosquitoes and other smaller insects in my room. So it works as expected.

5) Effectively preserves clothes- Mangalam Camphor Cone is a promising preserver of clothes. I use it instead of naphthalene balls which are harmful and am quite pleased with the performance of this product. It is easy to place and just one cone does the work for the entire cupboard/suitcase.

6) Works effectively for approximately a month which is at par with and often better than the other room freshener packs like Godrej Aer Pocket.

7) Easy and quick delivery from Amazon- I ordered this product from Amazon and my order got delivered quickly and without any hassles.

8) With a price tag of 297 INR for 3 cones of 13.5 cm length, it is a fair bargain.

9) These cones are easy to use and discard after use- The cone can be easily hanged anywhere and when the camphor is used up fully, the cloth wrapping can be thrown away. Since the cloth is cotton and not plastic, it is nature friendly.


1) We cant buy a single piece. There is only the 3 cone packing available.


All in all, I am very happy with my purchase of Mangalam Camphor Cone / Kapoor Cone and heartily recommend it to everyone. If you are looking for a natural air fresher and mosquito repellent which is easy to use without the hassle of spraying it again and again to keep your house smelling fresh then Mangalam Camphor Cone / Kapoor Cone is for you. As an added benefit, it also preserves clothes, is good for our health and we just have to hang it once and our work is done.

4 stars to Mangalam Camphor Cone / Kapoor Cone from me and recommended to everyone.

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