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6 Breakfast Options to Make Winter Mornings Special

Breakfast provides the brain and body with much-needed fuel after an overnight fast - that's where its name was invented, breaking the fast. Starting your day without having breakfast is just like trying to start a car with no petrol. The lives we live today, constantly in a hurry, we often forget to give importance to our breakfast meal. Instead, we tend to grab the first thing that comes to our hands to quickly relieve our hunger. However, it’s crucial to understand that a well-prepared breakfast can make or break someone’s day. Majority of people don't usually realize the importance of this meal, but if you make it an everyday habit, you will eventually feel the difference.

Also, it is not just about filling our body but consuming the food mindfully to provide our body with all the required nutrients. So, if you skipped your breakfast, you shouldn't compensate for it by gorging on buttery parathas or oily noodles. Breakfast is that one meal that charges you up and keeps you going for the rest of the day. After the long night, your body stays in a hibernation mode, and your morning meal acts as a launch button. Breakfast provides energy to your body and keeps you energized for the day ahead.

Here are some of the best breakfast options which will make your winter mornings special.



It is a famous and delicious breakfast choice in almost all South Indian households. There exist several variants of this crunchy and delightful food item with certain ones using soaked dal. You can add green chilies, carrots, and onions to add a twist to your regular dosa. A lot of people believe that preparing dosa at home is a complicated process. However, you can invest in a dosa making machine to make that process easier. KENT manufactures one of the best dosa making machine in the market. KENT Dosa machine is an up-to-date appliance lets you make round and thin dosas instantly. It has a non-stick surface which makes cooking hygienic and oil-free so that you can enjoy healthy and tasty breakfast during winters.

• Idli

This is one of the most nutritious south Indian vegetarian breakfast food recipes. Idli is now not just eaten in South India, but also all across India. It is prepared from an urad dal batter and fermented rice. Idli is ideal for the winters as it is a steamed food item. Also, it is served alongside chutneys and appetising sambar.



While this Gujarati dish is often served as a snack, it makes a delightfulbreakfast option too. The traditional recipe of dhokla calls for the use of gram flour. However, some people even use moong flour in their recipes. And, to enhance its nutritional value, you may add some grated carrots too. Dhoklasare highly rich in protein and iron and protein, and also offers a good dose of folic acid.

• Whole Wheat Flour Puttu

Whole Wheat Flour Puttu

This is yet another steamed breakfast meal that is ideal for winters. This onecomes from God’s Own Country, Kerala. Conventionally, puttu is made by mixing salt with red, coconut water, along with coconut shavings and then the mixture is steamed in a tube-like vessel called Puttu Kudam. This dish is served along with a spicy black chickpea simmered in coconut gravy or bananas for an authentic Kerala touch.

• Sabudana Khichdi

Sabudana Khichdi

Quite a favourite meal in India, sabudana khichdi is an incredibly filling delight. Despite being packed with starchy carbohydrates and calories, it tastes delicious. Always make sure that you squeeze in some lemon juice after turning off the flame to avoid your meal from turning bitter. You should try to opt for the smaller, pearl white sago for preparing this.

  • Poha
 Puffed Rice Poha Recipe

A favourite breakfast option in North India, Poha is made from either flat rice (Chiwra) or puffed rice (murmure). Filling and lip smacking delicious, it is an ideal breakfast for weight watchers because it uses minimum oil and packs various nutrients that are healthy.


Especially famous in the state of Madhya Pradesh, some people eat it with a garnishing of Namkeen and cut tomatoes and onions with some lemon juice squeezed in while others take it without any garnishing. It tastes delicious either way and is one of my favourite breakfasts.

From the simple steamed dosas, idlis, puttu, and pongal in the South India to the poha, paranthas, and poori, in the West and North, there are numerous options to spice up your winter morning!

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