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#ARCBookReview and $25 #Giveaway: The Desires of a Duke: Historical Romance Collection

Eight historical romances featuring roguish dukes willing to risk it all to get the lady their heart desires.
Out Dec 12th– The Desires of a Duke: Historical Romance Collection

Title: The Desires of a Duke
Authors: Darcy Burke, Grace Callaway, Lila DiPasqua, Shana Galen, Caroline Linden, Erica Monroe, Christina McKnight, Erica Ridley
Genre: Historical Romance
Release Date: December 12, 2017

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Enjoy eight historical romances from bestselling authors, featuring dashing, roguish dukes who are willing to risk it all to get the lady their heart desires. When these powerful, bold men take a chance on love, nothing can stop them.

The Forbidden Duke helps ruined Eleanor find a second chance for happiness. What will she say when she learns of the role he played in her downfall?

Book Review:

I was pleasantly surprised by this book and absolutely loved THE FORBIDDEN DUKE. This book has the feel of the ever favourite Beauty and the Beast and I enjoyed each moment reading it.

Both Eleanor and Titus are both strong characters with past baggage that has prevented them from attaining true happiness. I empathized with both and rooted for them right from the start. Loved Eleanor's sister, Jo and being the hopeless romantic hope she gets a heartmelting HEA as her elder sister because I just didn't like her pastor husband who sounded all judgemental and obnoxious. Hoping to read her story soon, I also adored Titus' step mother and father who are both loyal and devoted to Titus. In his and his step-mother's relationship, the author effectively portrays how not all step-mothers are evil!

Racy story line with a swoon worthy hero and a kickass heroine determined to survive against all odds, I sat spell bound and thoroughly engaged in this book and strongly recommend it to everyone. 5 super shiny stars to THE FORBIDDEN DUKE by Darcy Burke from me.

A spinster and rake join forces to catch a murderer. Wills clash and passion flares; will they risk all for love—before it’s too late? 

Book Review:

THE DUKE WHO KNEW TOO MUCH is the first book by Grace Callaway that I have read and it certainly wont be the last!

With complex characters, a vivid emotional play, fast paced story and intense romance, I was pleasantly surprised by this book. The hero, Alaric initially seemed like the worst sort of man but boy! just wait till you peel off the layers to his character to reach his true self and I sat giddy as our headstrong heroine succeeded in infuriating and exciting him!

The play between the protagonists had me laughing, swooning and then rooting for them. The plot is intricate with multiple sub-plots and is expertly executed.

I sat mesmerized by the story and could not stop reading until I had finished the book!

The relationship development is the highlight of this book. The brother-brother bond, brother-sister, sister-sister, sister-sister-in-law and bond between lovers ; everything is realistically and vividly brought out that will leave you connecting with these people and feeling like you already know them.

The whole romance and mystery are well balanced and I taxed both my heart and brain in this book.

A lovely, entertaining and memorable historical romantic suspense, I give THE DUKE WHO KNEW TOO MUCH by Grace Callaway 5 super shiny stars our of 5.

The only woman Leo, Duke of Mont-Marly, has ever yearned for is the adorably unconventional beauty who got away. Suzanne creates and selling matchsticks, elixirs for the ill…and is still so damned alluring. Leo is determined to give her a Christmas beyond her wildest imagination...

Book Review:

THE DUKE’S MATCH GIRL is the first book by Lila DiPasqua that I have read. The title made me remember my childhood favourite story of The Little Match Girl by Hans Christian Andersen but this book is a different story about a girl who loved the heir to a Dukedom but was betrayed and her heart broken. Now years later, the boy who is now a Duke comes in her life again and is determined to win her heart.

While the plot sounded intriguing and I loved the heroine, I could not come to care for the hero who came across as callous and irresponsible. The explicit sex references and scenes that looked a bit too excess also added a dampener to my interest and while I enjoyed the writing style of the author, didnt love this book as much.

3 stars out of 5 to THE DUKE’S MATCH GIRL from me and I look forward to reading the other books by the author.


Pursued by assassins, Princess Vivienne of Glynaven escapes to England. The Duke of Wyndover aids her, but is he the man she’s been waiting for?

Book Review:

I enjoy Shana Galen's historical romances and WAITING FOR A DUKE LIKE YOU was no exception. A plot full of intrigue, danger and passion, this book held me captive until the very end.

A hero who wants to prove himself something more than just his good looks and a heroine dogged by danger, I was kept at the edge of my seat throughout and I was thoroughly entertained.

4 stars out of 5 to WAITING FOR A DUKE LIKE YOU by Shana Galen from me and recommended to everyone.

WHEN I MET MY DUCHESS by Caroline Linden
The Duke of Wessex realizes he’s about to marry the wrong woman when he meets his bride’s sister…and the wedding may become a scandal.

Book Review:

WHEN I MET MY DUCHESS by Caroline Linden is a quick and enjoyable romance. This being the first book by Caroline that I have read, I am so glad that I got introduced to her writing. Witty, engaging and light, I loved the shenanigans that happen at a house party and loved the glimpses I got into some other intriguing characters that I am eager to meet again.

A quick read. this historical romance left me smiling and relaxed. 4 stars out of 5 to it and recommended to everyone.

I SPY A DUKE by Erica Monroe
A governess entering into a marriage of convenience with a duke gets more than she bargained for, as he's also a spy for the crown.

Book Review:

I SPY A DUKE by Erica Monroe takes the readers into the world of espionage and spies in an England disturbed by the growing influence of Bonaparte. Amidst all the secrecy and danger, a romance blossoms between a spy and a governess hiding a secret.

I was intrigued and engaged by the racy plot, the hint of impending danger and the mystery of who killed Vivian's brother. James is a hero who is loyal, responsible and a protector to the core not to add his swoon worthy persona.

I loved every second of this story and recommend it to everyone. 4 stars out of 5 to it from me and I look forward to reading the stories of the Spencer clan.

The Duke of Montrose has only one choice: find a wealthy heiress to wed. When his quest brings him to Lady Lucianna, he can’t deny that he wants her for more than just her dowry.

Book Review:

THE MISFORTUNE OF LADY LUCIANNA by Christina McKnight is the second book in The Undaunted Debutantes series that follow four best friends, one of whom gets killed in the first book under mysterious circumstances. The other three friends have their suspicions about her death but no proof. This murder mystery is a common thread in all the books in this series along with an individual love story in each book. So while this book can be read as a standalone, I would suggest you read the previous book, The Disappearance of Lady Edith first.

Lady Lucianna is the fiercest of her three friends. She is sure she knows the killer of her dear friend an is determined to prove him guilty. Outspoken, impulsive and headstrong, her meeting with the Duke of Montrose is explosive and had me gleefully rubbing my hands in anticipation of a spicy romance.

I enjoyed and loved following this couple as they stumbled to their HEA, all the while eager to know the identity if the real killer. Not as memorable as the first book, The Disappearance of Lady Edith in terms of the danger quotient and the development in the murder mystery, this book is more about Lucianna's love story with Roderick.

All in all an engaging romance, I give it 4 stars out of 5 and look forward to the next book and eager to solve the murder mystery.

The unflappable Duke of Ravenwood meets his match in this rollicking New York Times best-seller!

Book Review:

Erica Ridley's books promise a good time and this book is no exception. Two contradictory characters meet, each with their own preconceived notions about each other and amidst all the confrontation, they finally find true love.

This book is both sweet and sad. There is longing and yet denial. I loved Ravenwood. He comes out a bore but is anything but! I loved how his character was developed in this book. Catherine is again a character poles apart from his but still it was entertaining to read how they finally found each other.

A lovely and engaging story, I give THE DUKE’S ACCIDENTAL WIFE 4 stars out of 5 and recommend it to everyone.

All in all, The Desires of a Duke: Historical Romance Collection is a must read historical romance boxset featuring memorable and unique romances full of passion, danger, suspense and lots of heart. Recommended to all romance lovers, these eight dukes are sure to make this holiday season sweeter!

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