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Are Birth Control Pills safe?

All birth control pills contain certain proportions of artificially created oestrogen and progestin hormones, both of which work towards inhibiting the body’s natural cyclical hormones for preventing pregnancy. Before you begin on any contraception methods, it is advisable to consult a reputed gynaecologist in Hyderabad. Once you begin on your pills, you may need to supplement it with an additional contraception method for the first seven days in order to be doubly sure. 

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Are Birth Control Pills Safe?

Birth control pills have been around for over 50 years and are considered to be 100% safe when consumed as per the directives of your doctor. For instance, if you are a woman above 35 years of age and a habitual smoker, you will not be prescribed birth control pills that contain oestrogen. Progestin only pills would be ideal for you. There are also some typical health conditions that are considered unsuitable for bill control pills. We take a look here.

Health Conditions to Watch Out for Before Starting on Birth Control Pills

There are certain health conditions that are considered unsuitable for birth pills which are combinations of progestin and oestrogen. These include:
If you are suffering from a blood disorder or an abnormality of the veins that results in undesirable clotting, these combination pills may not be the best alternative for you.
If you are suffering from cardiac complications and there is a history of angina, heart blockages or stroke, you will need to consult your doctor and discuss your condition before starting to take hormonal pills.
If your diabetes is uncontrolled and you happen to be suffering from chronic liver disease, combination pills may not be suitable for you.

In case you are suffering from any other chronic ailment, you need to let your doctor know, so that she can suggest a method of contraception that’s suitable for you. Mention all past diseases and subsequent treatments including surgeries if any. Also make sure you let your doctor know about any medication that you might be taking on a regular basis.

When doctor’s directions are followed stringently, birth control pills can be safe. However, there are some signs and signals to watch out for. It’s essential to consult your gynaecologist in Hyderabad if you are experiencing severe cramping in your belly, sudden and acute headaches, discomfort in your chest and achy soreness in your legs.


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