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I choose to be a Housewife and that doesn't make me any less.

Happy Women's Day- Njkinny's World of Books & Stuff

Happy Women's Day. Njkinny's Blog salutes women power. She is truly behind the success of the world!


Being a mom and a homemaker has changed my whole life. Right from my body to my daily schedule, I am a whole different person now. My days are busier, nights even more busy but at the end of all this chaos, I am very very happy!

I am not ashamed to confess that I absolutely love being a housewife and thrive on the power that I get managing this often seemingly boring scene of domesticity.

While I also loved being a working woman, leaving home every morning along side my husband for work, being a homemaker is a whole other demanding career in itself.

The contentment I feel on seeing the happiness on my kid's face as I tackle boiling his milk while engaging him in learning alphabets is unparalleled. My mother's heart is happy and satisfied knowing that my child is safe with me and that by God's grace I have enough support to enable me to leave a job and stay at home with him.

My wife's heart is proud to see that my husband gets healthy meals everyday and that I have his confidence in return where he knows he can relax tension free at the end of each day knowing that I am looking over things at home.

My daughter's heart is elated knowing that my parents are well cared for and that I have their support in how I run my household.

I choose to be a housewife and that doesn't make me any less than the working women.

Homemakers make a house an inviting HOME.

I am indeed one of the very few lucky Homemakers who get their due recognition and respect for their hard work in making their house a home but for many others it is a sad state of affairs that even in these modern times the housewives still lack recognition and appreciation. 

"Housewife" word is often seen as a failure. It is commonly accepted that if you cannot do anything you can always become a housewife and stay at home. Being a housewife is a last resort for women not good enough for jobs! 

Housewives are often shamed into believing that they are lazy, worthless, contribute nothing and only enjoy while their husbands and other women working jobs toil to bring home money. So often I hear these phrases addressed to homemakers.

"Tum karti kya ho poore din? Sara din to aram karti ho. Tumhe kaam hi kya hai!" 
{What do you do all day? You just rest all day. After all, what work do you have!."}

"Ab to tumhare paas time hi time rehta hoga."
{You must have all the time now."}

"Ab to tum sare din TV hi dekhti hogi. Kaam hi kya hota hai ghar par!"
{You must be watching TV all day now. After all, what work is there at home!"}

"Tum kaam karti hoti to ghar extra paisa ata."
{Had you been working, we would have had extra money."}

and so and so forth.

Such demeaning phrases are so common and spoken so assuredly by people around us that the speakers don't often wait to think the impact these careless words have on their wives, mothers and sisters who work tirelessly from the crack of dawn to late at night without ever expecting any thanks from anyone.

Housewives work round the clock, seven days a week with no extra perks, no overtime and definitely no awards for a job well done. What with overseeing to the welfare of their family and home, majority times they don't get time for themselves.

Have you ever wondered who wakes before everyone at home each morning?

Who makes those delicious meals and silently packs tiffins for work and school?

Who does all the laundry, maintains the house, oversees to the efficient working of the household and keeps the house so cozy and beautiful that a house becomes a home?

When you puff your chest out at hearing about the deliciousness of the dal you brought to work or the party you threw last weekend, do you give credit to the housewife who did all the planning and executing and thus, deserves the praise?

I choose to be a housewife and that doesn't make me any less than the working women.

A house becomes a home because of the love, careful planning, multitasking and hard work of homemakers who do everything from looking after the house to caring for children, elderly parents, pets and managing everything under the sun that makes everything look so inviting that working people feel tempted to finish work early and go and relax at HOME.

I think we should have a different, more fitting word for the superhero like job of women managing their homes and caring for their family silently in the background. They are the true MDs, CEOs and makers of Home.

So the next time, you think Homemakers don't do anything but laze around at home, stop and think again.

Men thank your Homemaker wife, mother, sister and daughter this Women's Day for enriching your life and making it all the more cozy and happy.

To all the women,
Happy Women's Day!

Whether you are a working woman or a Homemaker, take pleasure in your work and be proud of yourself. Let no one tell you any different.

Njkinny's Blog salutes women power. She is truly behind the success of the world!

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