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Green Coffee helps lose weight? All your questions answered.

Is the Green coffee movement taking over?

Coffee is without a doubt one of the world’s most favorite drinks and has been for centuries. 
Most of this time humans have tried numerous ways in which to create the perfect cup. Even at home individuals mix specific beans with each other to find the perfect blend. 
From this it has even sprouted down to instant coffees and coffee making machines such is the demand for the perfect coffee. This has been going on for a while, and now there is a new entrant which is all the rage.
Green Coffee helps lose weight? All your questions answered.

Health Benefits of Green Coffee

This type of coffee has entered with a huge splash for supposed health benefits and its claims of helping people lose weight.
This is the group of people who are driving the demand for green coffee in a hope to shed a few extra pounds, so this article might swing in that direction, although that isn’t the entire intention.

Green Coffee Bean Extract – What is it?

Regular coffee beans are seeds, whereas a green coffee bean is a coffee in its purest form before any roasting has been performed. 
When a coffee tree bears its fruit (cherries) these ripen from green and turn a yellow and then a bright red.
For regular coffee, these red pulps are removed and the seed (coffee bean) inside is used. Next, they would be roasted which results in the coffee we know and adore.
Green coffee beans are the ones who have no roasting performed on them, and in most cases, they are soaked to get the green coffee extract from them.

Green Coffee's Active Ingredients

There are a few active ingredients in these green coffee beans and are as follows:
  • Caffeine
  • Chlorogenic acid
  • Epicatechin and Catechin
  • Isochlorogenic Acids and Ferulic Acid
  • Caffeoyltryptophan and Rutin
  • Kahweol palmitate and Cafestol palmitate

For all the people who now consume green coffee as a weight loss aid, it is thought the combination of Caffeine and the Chlorogenic Acid play a large part. 
It is also believed the Chlorogenic Acid plays more of a role than the caffeine content.
This acid compound brings with it many antioxidant properties, and rather than only having one type of this acid, some coffees have been found to contain up to 69 different Chlorogenic Acids. 
It should be noted, this acid isn’t specific to green coffee, and can be found in fruits such as blueberries, tomatoes, pears, and apples as well as vegetables.

Why Chlorogenic Acid might Help Weight Loss

There are three factors which determine if green coffee can aid in weight loss.
Chlorogenic Acid affects carbohydrates in the gut, and here blood sugar levels are reduced as well as insulin levels. This acid might delay absorption of sugars, and it is this reason why green coffee is marketed as a natural carb-blocking remedy.
Second, this acid might help with the transportation of blood sugars into skeletal muscles which helps with overall blood sugar and diabetes control.
Lastly, this acid can slow down or stop the creation of fat cells. 

Chlorogenic Acid and Roasting Coffee

Now, with regular coffee, all the roasting which is carried out on the beans, and even your new and improved barista coffee techniques might be reducing the amount of this Chlorogenic Acid and the amount of caffeine.
To sum it up, both levels are reduced when beans are roasted, so it is natural these levels are higher in green coffee beans.

Does Green Coffee Help Lose Weight?

There is still a debate on this even though some tests say yes it will help to lose weight. A few of the tests which have been conducted might have a bias to the companies sponsoring such tests. 
For all those who think this means green coffee won’t work, it doesn’t mean anything of the sort. It merely means more unbiased research is needed.

What are the side-effects of Green Coffee?

Consuming anything in large quantities is bad for health. Same goes for Green Coffee. 2 cups of Green Coffee per day are the recommended dosage for getting the most favourable results.
Too much and it can cause nausea, headache, indigestion and can disrupt the absorption of Calcium and Iron the body.

Drinking Green Coffee Instead of Regular Coffee

There is nothing stopping anyone drinking green coffee over regular coffee apart from one reason. Green coffee, unfortunately, doesn’t have a coffee flavor, and this is because coffee flavor comes from the roasting
What it does do though is offer a level of caffeine which can help to re-energize and recharge worn out batteries. 
As there is very little taste, there is no reason for drinking it on its own. It can be added to anything which has a stronger flavor, and then you can still reap all the benefits this green coffee contains.

Green coffee is taking the world by storm, and if you aren’t looking to lose weight, you can enjoy more natural energy from a drink which is refreshing and thirst quenching.

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