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The Diehard Warrior by Jennifer Youngblood – 99 cent Sale

Grab your copy of The Diehard Warrior by Jennifer Youngblood for just 99 cents today!
The Diehard Warrior by Jennifer Youngblood
A love gone wrong, a chance for redemption, and the web of deceit that could destroy everything.
When feisty and headstrong Addie Spencer, the manager of an upscale resort in Colorado, finds herself in danger, she must put aside old grudges and rely on ex-Navy SEAL Maddox Easton—the guy she dumped—to keep her safe.
Addie doesn’t want to think about the armies of butterflies Maddox unleashes in her stomach or his sharp wit and Southern charm. She certainly doesn’t want to think about his ripped muscles or penetrating blue eyes. She broke up with him for a good reason—a reason that is still staring her in the face.
Despite her attempt to keep Maddox at bay, sparks rekindle as Addie and Maddox race to find the answer to a puzzling mystery before Addie becomes the next victim.

Just 99 cents / 73 INR on October 11th
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Praise for The Diehard Warrior:
This is an amazing and breathtaking love story with plenty of twists and turns and characters you fall in love with from the very beginning til the end definitely must read.
This book stayed true to its title! Absolutely loved the wit and sass that accompanied the high action and romantic suspense. The romantic tension between Addie and Maddox was fabulous!
From the first page, when Maddox shows up at Addie’s door after being presumed dead, I was sucked into the story and could not put it down. Youngblood weaves such a beautiful story with the love story between Maddox and Addie as the focus but so many other characters and sub-plots, that you will feel like you are IN this world. Another great Navy Seal Romance!

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