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#TheBlindList - Cure for Depression : Good company and great journey! #SayYesToTheWorld

The world is large and beautiful and calling out to us but in our quest to be rich, to be the best and superior to everyone else, we often times forget that there is more to life than more power, more money!

This rat race that everyone is trying to win has led to a rapid decline in mental, physical and emotional health of people all over the world. The most deadly and common monster that is afflicting more and more people is Depression.

Try imagining like you are trapped in your mind with the feelings of guilt, self-pity, and hopelessness with no apparent way out. There is no peace, no beauty and no freedom for you in this condition. It feels like the world is ending and you have no choice but to end it all so maybe in the next life you'll get dealt a better hand by fate.

I felt all this and more when I was grappling with depression. Each day was started feeling like a failure; like there was nothing left to achieve; like there was nothing that would make me happy ever again. Amidst these self-destructive feelings, my husband came to my rescue. His sudden plan to get me out of the house started a journey that not only healed me but also led to an enriching experience and gave me a chance for self-exploration.

One morning, he said, "Get up. Pack some clothes. We are going."

"Going where?"

"Nowhere and everywhere." He said enigmatically.

"I don't want to go anywhere. Just leave me alone. I want to sleep a bit more." I cribbed.

"No. You don't. We are going and that's final. I'll pick up and deposit you in the car myself if need be but we are going. You have an hour to freshen up and pack."

He told me as he stalked from the room. I was irritated and one thought kept running in my head in a loop.

"What's the use of going anywhere. I don't feel like it. I want to sleep."

However, an hour later, we were packed in our sparkling brown Honda City and navigating towards the National Highway.

It was a balmy, autumn morning with a slight breeze and the sweet fragrance of sepalika flowers in the air but for me, everything was gloomy and drab. We kept going on the highway with no apparent destination in mind and some might say it felt like we were running away. The scenery outside my window was changing from the hustle bustle and traffic of the city to the quiet, deserted highway with no houses in sight for miles on end.

The feeling of having no plan, no expectations of where we are going and no time limit to match, it soon started feeling like an adventure. It was an open-minded exploration of the unknown and as the distance from the city increased, so did the feeling of freedom and calm in my mind.

#TheBlindList - Cure for Depression : Good company and great journey! #SayYesToTheWorld

View from Tip n Top viewpoint

When the destination is unknown, the importance of the journey increases many folds. This sense of importance can easily deviate you from all the emptiness and feeling of being trapped. So our journey took us to a quaint military cantonment town named Lansdowne. A very well maintained and beautiful hill station. We stayed at a hotel hidden amidst trees, silent and beautiful. The tranquility helped me reduce the burden which I was carrying for a long time, find my inner self and be at peace, which I've longed to do for a long time now. 

After this amazing journey I realized that inquisitiveness about an unkown journey can help you escape the shakles that have tied you down and help you in self exploration. There is always an escape from depression which lay in good company and a great journey for me. You have to travel to explore as an enriching experience awaits you at every corner of the world.

Start small and soon you'll not only be beating depression but also building #TheBlindList with unforgettable travel memories.

#SayYesToTheWorld and live life to the fullest.

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