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#TheBlindList - When the feeling of "being trapped" went away..#SayYesToTheWorld

In our day to day lives, it is quite common to be stuck in a monotonous schedule leaving no time for extracurricular activities which in turn causes a person to dive into a hole, desperately trying to escape the routine and break free into a free environment so that we can recharge ourselves. This is precisely why people take a vacation.

I myself found inching towards this feeling of being stuck when I did not take a single leave from office for approximately 1 year. For reference, I worked on most weekends as well because our project was in a "RED" zone. This kind of work pressure is sure to push you into a zone where you want to break free but can't as the work keeps on piling.

I started getting irritated even on small things, didn't get time to go out with my husband, who in this scenario was very understanding. Started spending some sleepless nights where I'd dive in my novels as a way to escape to a fantasy world.

Thankfully, this cry for help was understood by my husband who planned a surprise trip for me over a weekend. All I had to do was pack a bag and just get in the car. An unknown journey, of which I was very skeptical since my mind was always at work. There were only two rules in this trip :

  • No use of mobile phones.
  • Always trust the driver of the car (this was a self-made rule to be openminded as the skeptical me always tries to find problems even when there are none)

So we started off from Chandigarh towards Kalka. This is the entry point for Himachal Pradesh, so I knew we were going to the mountains, which surprisingly have a very soothing feeling. After a long time, my mind felt at ease, nothing to think about, no calls from the office. My excitement grew with every km we drove.

With open sunroof, the mildly cool wind blowing through my hair and touching my soul ( No, it's not exaggerating, this is how it felt). Car gobbling up km and the view kept on increasing in its picturesqueness, I started to feel that it was a good idea by my husband that he forced me to come here as I was always saying no to any and every plan which he proposed to me during the last six months.

Tall, beautiful trees seen during the scenic drive.

After 170 km of the scenic drive, the car stopped in Narkanda, which is a quaint place offering mesmerizing views of mountain peaks and a very quiet and slow lifestyle. Just what I needed for self-exploration and for the inner me to break free. This place is famous for skiing in winters, and being summer, the weather was pleasant with the sun shining through. The hotel was beautiful and as we have saved a lot of money (by not going out in a year), we could afford a nice place offering a little luxury to pamper ourselves.

A beautiful sunset captured from a sunset point.

Lovely clouds and greenery that beckoned and soothed my soul.

Clouds, clouds and more clouds.

Through all this, I almost forgot how I was back at home and felt at peace. After having a wonderful time and an enriching experience here we went back home, promising ourselves that we will take at least two small vacations exploring the world every year and that the feeling of being trapped will never have a place in our lives.

During this trip I pledged to never fall in the gloomy pit of unhappiness and never again be the depressed me from before.

With this experience and through the daring attempt by my husband to force me to face my declining mental health, I came back happier, refreshed and feeling energized to take on the everyday challenges.

I had an awesome time and started #TheBlindList for myself and aim to fill it with more memorable blind trips in the future.

#SayYesToTheWorld and start your own #TheBlindList.

Do share your own unforgettable travel tales with me. I love hearing from you.


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