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Pocket friendly ideas to celebrate an eco-friendly Diwali without compromising the festive cheer!

Diwali is just around the corner and the effects of the upcoming celebration are apparent in the atmosphere. No, I am not talking about the happiness and festivities in the air but the increase in pollution in the atmosphere due to bursting of crackers that has already started.

Despite the efforts being made by the Government and the Courts in the form of bans and heavy tax penalties on items creating pollution, ultimately the change starts with each of us. It is high time now to start taking steps to safeguard our environment and keep it clean.

So many times I have heard people complaining that celebrating an eco-Diwali is out of their budget with all the environment-friendly gifts so costly and out of their budget. In today's post, I'll share ideas on how you can celebrate to your heart's content without spending a fortune.

Pocket friendly ideas to celebrate an eco-friendly Diwali without compromising the festive cheer!

Pocket-friendly ideas to celebrate an eco-friendly Diwali without compromising the festive cheer are:

1) Opt for bio-degradable oil Diyas

Ditch those costly electric lights and go green by lighting low-cost earthen lamps or Diyas.

Opt for Earthen lamps or diyas for Diwali


  • Diyas being made of mud and clay are bio-degradable.
  • You can also use coconut shells, sea shells and wheat dough to make your own diyas.
  • Cheaper as compared to electric lights.
  • Provides livelihood to many.
  • Save money by reducing your electricity bill.

Light earthen lamps or diyas

  • Reduce light pollution by lighting the more eye-soothing Diyas.
  • Earthen lamps or Diyas can be washed and reused all year round for decoration.

Diya looks more attractive and traditional without causing pollution

Diyas look more attractive, homely and traditional.

2) Use natural and herbal colours for Rangoli

Rangoli making is a fun activity that has been an irreplaceable part of Diwali celebrations in my home since the first time I got old enough to celebrate the festival of colours.

Diwali rangoli made with flowers
Beautiful eco-friendly rangoli

Both young and old members of my family take part in making rangoli and it is an event full of laughter, fun and lots of good-natured bonding.

Instead of spending money on buying artificial colours that are harmful and costly, go for organic colours found in your kitchen and garden.

  • Turmeric makes a beautiful substitute for yellow colour which can then be reused to drive away ants from your home by sprinkling it in ants frequented areas.

  • Rice for white colour and then it can be used as bird feed.

  • Lentils for their colours and then use them to feed birds.
Purely eco-friendly rangoli made with flowers
Rangoli made using flowers
  • Flowers like rose, lotus, lilies etc. along with leaves can be used to make beautiful rangolis. Later these make for great compost fertilizer for your garden.
Rangoli made with wheat flour
Rangoli made with flour

  • Flour also comes handy in making rangoli which can then be used to feed ants and cows.

Use your imagination to include natural things from around you for rangoli making and have fun!

3) Give eco-friendly and healthy gifts.

Gifting plants as gifts been a time honoured practice and they not only help reduce pollution but also are beautiful, thoughtful and longlasting gifts that will make people you gift them to remember you for a long time.
Good luck tree that is a bonsai bamboo is a great Diwali gift
Good luck tree that is a bonsai bamboo plant is a great Diwali gift

Plants make memorable gifts
Plants make memorable gifts that not only spread greenery but also spread cheer.

  • Plants like Money plant and bonsai bamboo are believed to bring good luck and prosperity.
Go green and gifts plants this Diwali

So go green and gift plants this Diwali.

Books make thoughtful and cherished gifts
Gift books this Diwali

  • Upcycled paper products, clay showpieces, glass decorative pieces, books also make great gifts.

Homemade jams are lovely Diwali gifts
Homemade jams are healthier, cost-effective and endearing gifts for Diwali

Homemade food items make healthy and thoughtful gifts for Diwali
Show your cooking prowess and love through home cooked delicacies as gifts this Diwali

  • Healthy gifts like homemade food items, organic fruit-based delicacies and dairy-based sweets that you can make yourself and package as gifts are better gifting options and definitely more cherished to the gift receiver as compared to the sugar loaded and artificial colour laden sweets in the market that are often unnaturally costly and unhealthy. 
hand knitted clothes also make great Diwali gifts
DIY gifts are thoughtful, cost-effective and also make the gift receiver feel cherished.

  • DIY gifts like jewellery, lamps, showpieces, handmade clothing also make for memorable and thoughtful gifts that not only are cost-effective but also make the gift receiver feel cherished.

Aromatherapy gift sets are lovely gifts for Diwali
Aromatic gift sets make for soothing and loved gifts 
  • Aromatic essential oils, water-based perfumes, air fresheners, candles and potpourri also make great gifts.

4) Celebrate the happiness of giving.

Celebrate this Diwali by helping the less fortunate. The happiness that one gets from helping people is unparalleled.

Give gifts to the help staff this Diwali

  • Spending time with and donating clothes, blankets, other daily necessities to old age homes and orphanages are sure to bring a smile on many faces not to mention making their Diwali happier.

  • Gifting your help staff is also a great way to earn goodwill and make this Diwali a memorable one for many people.

  • Donating for a charitable cause is again a non-polluting way to celebrate Diwali without compromising the festive cheer.

  • Feeding the stray animals and pledging to reduce noise and smoke emissions from your side is another celebration of the spirit of Diwali.

5) Crack crackers sparingly and cautiously.

There are alternatives to the crackers that not only create noise pollution but also leave a dense cloud of smoke in their wake.

Burst crackers sparingly

It is up to us to choose crackers that are within admissible range of emissions.

Bursting balloons or paper bags by blowing air in them are also a great way to substitute the smoke and noise with a celebration that doesn't destroy our habitat.

Also, remember animals and birds don't enjoy the smoke and noise of Diwali and this festival that should bring love to them can be a time of fear. So by reducing the noise and smoke, we are helping our non-human friends too.

If we combine our imagination with the intent of the Government to reduce pollution and increase greenery, the day is not far when the air around us will be sweet and fresh again with soothing greenery all around.

Happy Diwali from NWoBS Blog

I and the whole team of Njkinny's World of Books & Stuff (NWoBS) wish you all a very Happy Diwali.
Have fun, make lots of memories, eat healthy and celebrate this Diwali to your heart's content. May this festival of colours bring brightness and love to all and peace and greenery to Mother Earth.

I am going to have an eco-friendly Diwali. Are you?

Image source: dgreetings.com

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