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#BookReview: Bombay Heights by Adite Banerjie

#BookReview: Bombay Heights by Adite Banerjie -NWoBS Blog

#BookReview: Bombay Heights by Adite Banerjie

Sanjana is new in Mumbai and trying to make her mark on her own in the big city away from her family's protective umbrella. Ash is a in-great-demand video game designer who is not only in demand because of his work but also quite famous among the ladies because of his good looks.
Poles apart in their temperament, it was fun to watch these two flounder to their happily-ever-after.

The plot is straight forward and even predictable but the real beauty of the story lies in the story telling which made this story an engaging and enjoyable read. Right from the start, my attention was caught and then held by the narration where I could relate to and almost feel one with the characters.

The characters are well played out and I loved the protagonists. But the main highlights of the story for me where Dumbass, Ash's cute dog and Pinky, Sanjana's funny roommate.

Dumbass' antics had me laughing out loud and itching to cuddle him!

Pinky is so cool and such a positive person to have around. She was so supportive of Sanjana and a true friend who was always there for her roommate. I would love to read Pinky's own love story and hope Adite writes her romance soon.

Sanjana's family is the typical Indian family with their good intentional meddling, their over protectiveness and the usual elder siblings bossing the younger ones.
I loved Sanjana's sisters and am intrigued enough about them that I would love to read their own stories. I adored her father who is strong and yet soft hearted, and made me fondly remember a close relative of my own.

The only things that I think could have been better were the ex's role in the story that started out strong but then frizzled. I loved the last scene featuring him but still I wanted more fight from him. Then there is Ash's back story that left me wanting to know more and hoping for a resolution that would have added a more "happy" tone to the ending. Also the story of Ash's friend had me intrigued and I waited to know more but nothing further is shared.

All in all, Bombay Heights by Adite Banerjie is a light but pleasurable romance that entertains with its many funny moments, the Bollywood style romance and leaves the reader with a happy and contented smile. Ideal for a lazy afternoon or as a travel companion, I give Bombay Heights 4 shiny stars out of 5 and Njkinny recommends it to all romance lovers.

4 stars to #BookReview: Bombay Heights by Adite Banerjie -NWoBS Blog

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