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#BookReview: The Bodyguard (Undercover #1) by Ruchi Singh ~The Best Books of 2018

The Bodyguard by Ruchi Singh is the next proud placeholder in Njkinny's List of The Best Books of 2018 . This book became my favourite for so many reasons. Read the below post to know more.

#BookReview: The Bodyguard (Undercover #1) by Ruchi Singh ~The Best Books of 2018 on NWoBS Blog

#BookReview: The Bodyguard (Undercover #1) by Ruchi Singh

I love Ruchi Singh's books and she has truly grown as a writer. I absolutely adored her previous romance, Jugnu that became one of my favourite books of all time with its spellbinding world building and a memorable love story that though a little predictable was narrated so flawlessly that everytime I re-read it, the tightness, the angst of forbidden love and the yearning to have it all is still the same.

With The Bodyguard, Ruchi Singh has gone a step further and brought a book that had goosebumps erupt on my body while I followed the adrenaline thumping action and stayed at the edge of my seat while praying for the safety of my favourite characters from a deranged villain who was insanely obsessed with harming the protagonist in the book.

Vikramaditya Seth Jr. is a workaholic and a successful businessman whose life is in danger from an unknown villain. Esha Sinha, ex-military, is appointed as his bodyguard and it is her duty to keep him safe from known and unknown danger. 

Two characters who are poles apart in their temperament, Vikram and Esha start an explosive acquaintance and it was so much fun watching their banter and head-butting. Both are headstrong and attracted to each other. The romance slowly simmers and then gains a scorching intensity that is beautifully developed with realistic emotional play.

I also connected with Vikram's friend, Nikhil who is also his security chief. An intriguing man, he is loyal, devoted to Vikram and a man who likes to stay in the background but has an enigmatic persona that made me eager to know more about him. I would so love to read his own story.

The suspense and the twists and turns are well planned and introduced at just the right moment in the story.

I empathized and was also repulsed by the villain which is rare and it shows the author's writing prowess that she was able to sketch a character that will have you feeling sorry for him as well as hating him all at the same time. 

Ruchi Singh shows that no one is perfect and it is our life experiences as well as our ability to cope and move forward that have the power to either make us heroes or villains.

All in all, I love everything about this crisply written, fast-paced, action romantic suspense and give The Bodyguard by Ruchi Singh 4.5 super shiny stars out of 5 and Njkinny recommends it to all romantic suspense lovers. This book entertained me throughout and then left me wanting more. I eagerly await the future books in the Undercover series and strongly recommend Ruchi Singh to everyone.

4.5 stars rating

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