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#BookReview: Bound By Duty (The Singham Bloodlines #3) by P.G. Van

#BookReview: Bound By Duty (The Singham Bloodlines #3) by P.G. Van -NWoBS Blog

#BookReview: Bound By Duty (The Singham Bloodlines #3) by P.G. Van

Bound by Duty by P.G. Van is the third book in The Singham Bloodlines series and one that concludes the background mystery behind the decades-old feud between the Prajapati and Singham families.

While this book can be read as a standalone story, Njkinny recommends that you read the books in order so as to understand the characters and the world better.

I absolutely adored the previous books in this series and so was eager to read this one and get to the bottom of the mystery that had been haunting me since the first book. 

This book had everything- a mysterious hero, a headstrong heroine and the thrill of danger but still, in my opinion, this book fell short. The protagonists' characters didn't shine as they could have and the ending that disclosed the answers to all my questions regarding those mysterious events so long ago that had shaped the lives of all my favorite people from the previous books was also hurried, confusing and not at all like the dramatic climax my bloodthirsty mind wanted. I was left with questions that didn't get answered and the reasons that were given were unsatisfactory.

The story is fast paced and entertaining in its own right but when you compare with the previous books, you want more.

All in all, Bound by Duty by P.G. Van is a decent story that had the potential to be better. However, despite this, it is not a bad book and held me entertained till the end and left me wanting to read more stories from the Singham world. 

3.5 stars out of 5 to Bound by Duty and Njkinny recommends this book to all lovers of romantic suspense above the age of eighteen. I look forward to reading more books by the author in the future.

3.5 stars

The Singham Bloodlines series is a must read series that has made it to Njkinny's list of the Best Books of 2018 so do yourself a favor and go grab this series to read now. You can thank me later. 

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