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#BookReview: Bound by Revenge (The Singham Bloodlines #1) by M.V. Kasi, P.G. Van~ The Best Books of 2018

I am so happy that I found The Singham Bloodlines series and absolutely thrilled to share with you all my heartfelt rave about these beautifully written books. Read on to know why Bound by Revenge came to be in Njkinny's List of The Best Books of 2018 and go grab this book to read!

Book Review: Bound by Revenge (The Singham Bloodlines #1) by M.V. Kasi,  P.G. Van

#BookReview: Bound by Revenge (The Singham Bloodlines #1) by M.V. Kasi,  P.G. Van~ The Best Books of 2018- NWoBS Blog

I found Bound by Revenge while searching for suspenseful reads by Indian authors on Amazon and I am so glad that I read this book. Absolutely stunning, I have found two incredibly talented authors, MV Kasi, and PG Van through this book and I can't stop raving about their writing styles.

The first book in the Singham Bloodlines series, Bound by Revenge is a brutally engaging read. It sucks you into a world that is reeling from decades old feud among three powerful families that has already claimed so many lives and still continues to claim more.
In this violent world, everyone has hidden depths to their characters and the three powerful families lay down the law. 

An alpha hero who comes across as beastly and a seemingly meek heroine, the protagonists were able to fool me with their first impressions and then left me wide-eyed and completely in love with their development as the story progressed.

Due to explicit intimate scenes and violence, this book is suited only to readers above the age of eighteen. I usually shy away from books that have too much violence but in this book, every aspect of the story is so beautifully and skillfully woven that I sat engrossed and compulsively turning pages. Every scene is necessary to the build-up of the story and nothing feels out of place.

Njkinny highly recommends Bound by Revenge and give it super shiny 4.5 stars out of 5. A must-read book, this book has everything right from a crisp and masterfully executed storyline to unpredictable twists and turns to characters that are delightfully wicked but totally adorable. The first book that has made me fall in love with grey-shade characters that are unrepentant for their almost seemingly villainous actions and still make my heart go aflutter when they show their real self, Bound by Revenge has earned its place in Njkinny's list of the Best of Books of 2018. I have already re-read this book four times and each time it still manages to surprise me. It is that good!

4.5 stars

I feel short of words to describe my experience reading this book and then the subsequent books in The Singham Bloodlines series that I happily admit I obsessively devoured one after the other. Don't wait and go read this book and then the whole series. You can thank me later!

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 Njkinny's List of the Best Books of 2018- NWoBS Blog

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