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#BookReview: Danika by Varsha Dixit ~The Best Books of 2018

Danika by Varsha Dixit is the new release from the Author that was one of my last read books of 2018. Heartfelt and rich in emotion with engaging storyline and endearing characters, this book has earned its place in Njkinny's list of the Best Books of 2018. Read all my thoughts on this enchanting and inspiring book below.

#BookReview: Danika by Varsha Dixit

#BookReview: Danika by Varsha Dixit ~The Best Books of 2018- NWoBS Blog

I became a fan of Varsha Dixit's writing when I read her book, Only Wheat not White, and since then have obsessively read all her other books. When I got a notification about her latest release, Danika, I wasted no time downloading my copy of the book and I am so glad that I did!

Danika by Varsha Dixit is the story of a woman who has had a series of bad experiences but despite her bad phase that will bring tears to your eyes and make you want to give up, she silently fights her way forward to a happily-ever-after that is so beautiful that it restores your faith in the power of being good and proper despite circumstances.

I loved the cover and the catchy lines on it "Life wasn't easy on her, neither was love..." that will make a reader stop and take notice. The blurb that is a letter from the heroine had me intrigued further.

I confess I went into this book with certain assumptions like feeling certain that the heroine would be bitchy, sassy and not your typical girl-next-door but boy! Was I wrong!

Danika's character is multi-layered and so much more that can be confined to known tags. She is loving, caring and goes over and above the call of duty for her loved ones even when she doesn't get the same feelings reciprocated from them. She is a fighter who falls and then gets up everytime, determined to fight for better. She is kind to strangers but wary of romance and love that has only given her heartache in her life so far.

Dr. Noah Collins was happy in his life before disaster struck and he became a man wary of love and happiness.

I absolutely loved the interactions between Noah and Danika right from the start. They started out disastrously and then fought their growing attraction to finally surrender to their love for each other. The romance slowly simmered in the most delicious way so much so that it still haunts me with its silent intensity long after finishing the book.

Each and every character is this book is well played out and the sub-plots are as engaging as the main one. The unconditional love between Danika and her brother; her support towards her sister-in-law who is sometimes judgemental and always takes her for granted; and her easy love towards her neice is so expertly developed that I felt a part of everything.

Danika's sister-in-law's sister, Anya seems shallow and little too carefree at first but as the story progressed I came to understand her character better and would love to read her story too.

All in all, Danika by Varsha Dixit is a must read, heartfelt romance that I absolutely adored. It was one of my last books of 2018 and I enjoyed reading it so much that it has earned its place in Njkinny's list of the Best Books of 2018. A through and through entertainer that not only inspired me to stay strong and never give up, it also had me crying, laughing and then sighing, totally in love with the protagonists and the story. I give Danika 4.5 super shiny stars out of 5 and Njkinny recommends it to all romance lovers.

4.5 stars rating

I feel the story ended a little too soon and am eagerly waiting for more stories from the author that will maybe take me back to Noah and Danika in the future.

Favourite Quote from the Book:

"Don't pray for a life without problems. Pray for problems with solutions. Then, become the solution."

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