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#BookReview: Soulless (The Revenge Games #1) by M.V. Kasi ~ The Best books of 2018

The Revenge Games series by MV Kasi bowled me over with the depth of emotions I felt reading this one-of-a-kind series that is definitely one of the very best that I have read in a long, long time. Deserving to be placed in Njkinny's List of The Best Books of 2018  read my thoughts on the first book, Soulless, in this amazing series and go grab it to read now!

#BookReview: Soulless (The Revenge Games #1) by M.V. Kasi

I became a huge fan of MV Kasi's writing style when I read The Singham Bloodlines series written by her and then when I heard about this series, I was intrigued by the nomenclature and subsequently, the blurbs.

As I started reading this book, at first, I didn't care for the heroine, Sia, who came across as frigid, unemotional and manipulative but as the story progressed and I got a better understanding of the protagonists and I understood why they were as they were.

There is nothing soulless about this book. It is a soulful story with intense emotional play and revenge that drives the lives of the protagonists of this book. The characters are flawed and definitely fall in the grey area but their past that led them to their present behaviour is heartwrenching. 

I started out in indifference to Sia then went to sympathy and then went to empathy. While the expertly planned twists and turns kept me constantly in a surprised state, I sat engrossed with intense emotions assaulting me throughout this book.

MV Kasi has bravely taken up a social issue that doesn't often get the proper attention and made the tragedy and the heartbreak of the victims seem like our own. My throat filled with tears as did my eyes while my heart broke when I read this book.

The story continues in the second book, Ruthless and I am so eager to read it. 

Another gem from the author, Soulless will clench your heart, make you cry and then leave you wanting more. A definite must-read, I give 5 super shiny stars out of 5 to Soulless and Njkinny recommends it to all intense romantic suspense lovers above the age of eighteen. Don't wait and go grab this book now!

5 stars

Favourite Quotes:

"Each and every person living on the earth always had a choice. The choices could be shitty but were nevertheless choices."

"...if she were forced to choose between her soul and her survival, her soul and her peace of mind, her soul and her vengeance-she'd damn her useless soul."

"An obsession of 'saving' or 'fixing' anything broken is one of the coping mechanisms."

"One wrong touch, even if it's for a brief time can destroy a child's life forever."

"Life has no guarantees, but if you give it a chance, you might be pleasantly surprised."

"But one bad thing about having everything was that, when you lose, you could lose it all."

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