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Easy, Healthy and Quick Fruit Cream Recipe

Easy, Healthy and Quick Fruit Cream Recipe- NWoBS Blog

Fruit Cream is an easy recipe that is not only nutritious, tasty but also a geat Breakfast option that is different and entices everyone every time. Loaded with fruits, it is an all natural dish and in my variant also ideal for weight watchers and Diabetes friendly. 

Easy, Healthy and Quick Fruit Cream Recipe


1 Apple diced,
1 Banana diced,
5 Strawberries diced,
10 Grapes,
1 Kiwi diced,
1 pomegranate and 
Any other seasonal fruits you wish to add.
2 tbsp low fat fresh cream,
1 tbsp grated coconut.

Steps to prepare Easy, Healthy and Quick Fruit Cream:

1) Add all the fruits in a bowl and mix in the low fat fresh cream, grated coconut and any dry fruits to wish to add.

2) Serve fresh and enjoy a hearty meal!

This recipe is so easy to make and you can make so many customizations to it like adding dry fruits, Sprinkling sugar, adding cherries or even refrigerating it a little to set it like ice-cream. 

A full meal with all the needed nutrients but low on unnecessary fat and with no artificial ingredients, Fruit Cream is ideal for all seasons and always a hit.

Easy, Healthy and Quick Fruit Cream Recipe- NWoBS Blog

My kid absolutely adores this dish and just this morning he was so eager to gobble it that he thought I could't understand what he was saying and by pointing towards it, it would make me understand him better that he wants to eat THIS! LOL

Try this recipe in your kitchen and earn browney points from friends and family.

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