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How To Increase Testosterone Levels In Men? ~9 Simple Ways to Boost Testosterone in men.

With age, the level of  Testosterone - a hormone responsible for male power - can decrease. Sometimes even young people face such a problem due to several reasons, but if a decrease in testosterone is not associated with a disease, it can be returned to normal in natural ways without any harm to the health.

According to research, after 30 years of age, testosterone levels begin to slowly decline, and it is this hormone that is responsible for both external masculinity and sexual activity.

Answering the question - how to increase testosterone, you can immediately think about medical methods - this allows you to quickly and effectively normalize hormone levels, however, such methods can have consequences and only a doctor should prescribe the treatment. Apart from medical treatment, there are a number of other completely safe ways to help increase testosterone in men.

9 Ways To Increase The Level Of Male Hormone

Memorize these effective methods that will help to return the male power and put the health in order.

1. Normalization of sleep: 

In the modern rhythm of life, it is difficult to carve out 7-8 hours of sleep daily, and lack of sleep and fatigue arising as a result of it is the cause of lowering male libido. It is during sleep that most of the sex hormones are released and the constant lack of rest during the night will lead to the fact that all measures aimed at raising testosterone in men will be reduced to zero.

2. Getting rid of excess weight: 

If a man does not play sports, then with age he becomes the owner of the abdomen or is overweight, while testosterone is proved in obese men to be lower than in athletes, since the accumulation of adipose tissue in the body produces more female hormones. Getting rid of extra pounds will not only lead to an arbitrary increase in testosterone levels, but also to a better state of health and increased activity, that is, the effect on the body will be very noticeable.

3. Normalization of nutrition: 

To start the production of hormones, it is necessary to ensure the supply of a sufficient amount of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals.

9 Ways to boost Testosterone- NJKinny's Blog

How To Increase Testosterone In Men? 

Include The Following Products In Your Diet:

Protein products: 

Poultry, beef, pork, fish, seafood, eggs, cottage cheese and milk, cheese, beans. 

To increase the level of the male hormone and keep it at the required level, the balance of zinc should be maintained. To maintain the level of zinc, you can use special food additives, but note that the total daily intake of this mineral for a man's body is 11 mg.

Polysaturated fats: 

Good fats are also involved in the synthesis of testosterone. It is necessary that in the daily diet not less than 40% were fats not only of animal but also of plant origin. Be sure to include in your diet nuts of any kind.

Foods that contain vitamins C, E and D. A healthy body needs a complex of vitamins, but special attention must be paid to consuming enough vitamin C. This is a powerful anti-oxidant that inhibits cortisol production. Vitamin E reduces the level of sugar and dangerous cholesterol in the blood, and vitamin D helps calcium to be absorbed. Also necessary are the B vitamins, they are involved in the synthesis of sex hormones. Citrus fruits, seasonal fruits, and berries should be included in the diet, black currants are especially useful, as well as vegetables, nuts and meat. A balanced diet is the basis of normal testosterone levels.


Be sure to follow the water balance - depending on the weight should be consumed at least 1.5 litres of pure water per day.

4. Intensive training: 

Intensive training allows you to raise testosterone in men and keep it level stable. But to achieve this goal, workouts with large weights, at a fast pace and at frequent intervals, are better than aerobic and measured exercises. It is recommended to practice 30 seconds at the maximum pace, and then rest for 90 seconds.

5. Strength training: 

Strength training will also help increase testosterone in men, at what they can be performed in a more benign mode. 
Physical activity will help keep the body fit, and therefore produce a sufficient amount of testosterone. It is also recommended to engage in sprinting.

6. Reducing stress: 

Constant anxiety and nervous tension also affect the level of the male hormone in the body. Strong stress leads to the production of cortisol, which blocks the formation of sex hormones. Therefore, wondering how to increase testosterone in men, you must first review your rhythm and lifestyle.

7. Limiting sugar intake: 

If possible, it is better to completely eliminate it from the diet. According to research, on average, US residents consume about 12 teaspoons of sugar per day, which is 2 tons per life. And insulin is also able to block the production of testosterone, so the consumption of sugar and fast carbohydrates should be limited.

8. Getting rid of bad habits: 

You cannot increase testosterone in the body, constantly consuming alcohol. It contributes to the production of estrogen - the female hormone, and thus blocks the male sex hormones. It is necessary to reduce the consumption of alcohol to a minimum, doctors recommend drinking only dry red wine in moderation.

9. Reception VSAA: 

Amino acids contained in BCAA cocktails contribute to the production of testosterone in men, as they contain large amounts of protein. High-quality sports nutrition does not damage health, but you need to be responsible in choosing supplements.

Other Ways To Normalize Hormonal Levels

In addition to the above, we will tell you how to raise testosterone, it does not require additional actions. No need to overeat, this leads to the fact that the body is forced to spend a lot of energy on the digestion of food, while the production of hormones slows down. Also, overeating contributes to the deposition of fat on the body.

Stay sexually active. Sex contributes to the natural growth of testosterone, but excessive activity may have the opposite effect. It should communicate with women, the emotions that a man receives in the process of flirting, also have a positive effect on his libido.

You should also lead an active lifestyle, walk a lot, go to the sun or fresh air, play sports and walk more, as well as temper at least in summer. By the way, a victory even at friendly sports competitions gives positive emotions and contributes to the development of testosterone.

Another important point - you need to monitor the level of hormones that block testosterone production in the blood. This is estrogen and cortisol, if their level exceeds the norm, they begin to predominate, respectively, the level of testosterone decreases.

Knowing how to raise testosterone in a natural way, you will be able to independently normalize male libido and return to an active life at any age.


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