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Can hard water be hurting your skin? Harmful effects on skin and how to avoid them.

Can hard water be hurting your skin?

Can hard water be hurting your skin? Harmful effects on skin and how to avoid them.-Njkinny's Blog

There is soft water and hard water. Soft water we all know, but hard water is not available everywhere. Hard water has a high mineral content. You can even see the deposits form a layer on top of the water when you use soap to wash your hands. Again, hard water does not foam up as fast as soft water.
If you have hard water at home, then for sure you could be hurting much more than your skin. If you look at the toilet bowl, you will see a line that forms there. The reason for this is that the minerals in the water form that stain.
And that is not all. If you are using this water in your appliances, then chances are that you are causing some trouble in the appliances because of the mineral buildup. You should make a habit of checking your shower heads to make sure they are not clogged because of the mineral buildup.
To the question of whether hard water could be hurting your skin, the answer is yes. If you do not take good care of your skin when you use hard water, it could end up causing long lasting effects. The same mineral buildup that happens on appliances and the toilet could be the same one forming on your skin.

How hard water affects the skin

Dry skin

Chances are that there are times when you have felt the effects of hard water on your skin. If you have ever felt as if your skin was stretched too tight, or was too dry, it is the result of using hard water to bathe.
Some of the most common minerals contained in hard water include magnesium, calcium and iron. When your water has these minerals, they are going to zap all the moisture from the skin, leaving you feeling dry and parched. In fact, even if you touch the skin with your hands, you will agree that it feels quite dry.
When you do not soften your water or at least use a moisturizing lotion after taking a bath, you will increase your risk of developing dermatitis, which would cost you more money to treat.

Itchy and irritated skin

This is yet another effect of using hard water on the skin. Because of the mineral deposits in the water, which react with the soap leaving salts on the skin, you are bound to suffer some irritation. Thus, if you always feel itchy after bathing, until you apply some soothing lotion, you should perhaps start thinking of buying a water filter.
When you use soap with hard water, the soap does not dissolve and this causes a serious irritation. Besides, you are also tempted to use more soap to try and get more foam. Instead of having a bigger cleansing effect, you usually end up leaving more deposits on your skin. Thus, it would be better to avoid using more soap.

Clogged pores

This is another problem people experience with hard water. When your pores are clogged, sweat is blocked, the skin feels dirty and if you do not reverse this situation, you could have an acne breakout. Blocked pores also cause flaking and itching in the skin. When your pores are clogged, you may also experience skin blemishes. You may even see different skin tones as if their skin was not tanned well.

Can hard water be hurting your skin? Harmful effects on skin and how to avoid them.-Njkinny's Blog

Avoid the effects of hard water on your skin

You can do many things to avoid suffering the effects of hard water on your skin, but the chief one is to install shower heads that soften water. Such shower heads use special filters that soften the water, but they have to be replaced often so that they can stay effective. Also, buy skin care products that can help in the improvement of skin condition if you have already suffered from the effects of hard water.
You may also lease or buy a water softening system that you can install in such a way that all the water in the house passes through the system. While the initial cost of installation may be high, the good thing is that it is long lasting and it does a very good job of keeping the water soft and clean as well, because it gets rid of impurities.
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