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A baby - the most precious joy of your life

A baby - the most precious joy of your life

A baby - the most precious joy of your life- Pregnancy Tips and precautions on Njkinny's Blog

“Every time a baby’s borne, a mother is borne.”

And dare say a father too! Pregnancy is the best gift a couple could have from life. The moments when you get the news, when family and friends share equal happiness when you announce “We are pregnant,” are the joyous moments no parents want to forget. And next come the questions and doubts about the pregnancy.

Though couples get help from family and friends, advice from professional and the best gynecologists is helpful and necessary during pregnancy.

Everything you need to know about pregnancy

As the baby grows every trimester, a mother undergoes certain physical and emotional changes, and it’s important to consult the best gynecologist to understand what goes in every trimester for healthy and happier pregnancy.

A quick pregnancy math

A pregnancy ideally lasts for 40 weeks; however, only 30-40% pregnant women reach the 40th week and up. These 40 weeks are spanned into three trimesters.

First Trimester: Week 1-13
Second Trimester: Week 14-27
Third Trimester: Week 28-40 (and further)

A baby - the most precious joy of your life- Everything to know about pregnancy on Njkinny's Blog

Essential tips to know when you’re pregnant

1. Visit a gynecologist for prenatal care

Once you miss your menstrual periods, you may experience nausea, mood swings, mild back pain or tender breasts. Visit a doctor to confirm your pregnancy and if so how far you’re in your pregnancy. Prenatal care is important to plan a healthy pregnancy, and the best gynecologist can make sure of the pregnancy without any complications.

2.  Regular check-ups and vaccination are important

Never miss a check-up as this helps to keep track of both mother and baby’s health and any developmental disorders in early stages can be detected and treated. Vaccinations are equally important as diet and exercise for pregnant women. Remember some illnesses during pregnancy can affect the baby’s physical and mental health.

3. Bleeding during initial pregnancy stages

Some women experience bleeding during the early pregnancy stages and may confuse it with menstrual bleeding. Although bleeding during initial stages is not alarming consulting your doctor is always good.

4. Exercise and diet to follow

Doctors provide a personalized regime according to pregnant mother’s needs. Exercise can help you stay healthy, managing pregnancy discomforts and make you're ready for labor and childbirth. Alcohol and caffeine during pregnancy can lead to premature delivery, under weighing baby or congenital disabilities.

5. Positive attitude for a healthy pregnancy

Positive attitude during pregnancy helps adjust to physical and emotional changes, dealing with the pregnancy discomforts; it also ensures healthy childbirth. Fear of labor and childbirth may delay the labor. When in doubt, talk to your doctor or the best gynecologist in Bangalore who will help you throughout pregnancy.

A healthy and happy pregnancy ensures the mother and baby’s good health & form a strong bond between parents and the baby. This mother’s day, give the best gift of health to your little blessing. Ensure a healthy and happy pregnancy with a trusted gynecologist.

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