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ARC Book Review and Freebie: The Catnapped Lover (April Fools Duet Book 1) by Rue Allyn ~ A Short Contemporary Romance by Rue Allyn

The Catnapped Lover ~ A Short Contemporary Romance by Rue Allyn BookReview -Njkinny's Blog

A woman, a man, and a cat. What could possibly go wrong?

What does a bet between best friends have to do with a kidnapped cat and a tumbled-down animal shelter? 

 Nothing, unless you are Adam Talcott and you want to prove to your best-buddy that you can survive without access to your wealth and family connections.  Adam would have succeeded too, if it hadnt been for Dierdre Clancy and that blasted cat.  

Releasing on 15th July 2019!

Hero Bio:

Adam Talcott was born rich. He went into business with his best friend from college and made even more millions. His methods may be unorthodox, but he nearly always succeeds. Now hes been challenged to live for two months without any of the privileges and resources hes known all his life. Adam is confident that he can conquer this challenge as he has all others. But he didnt count on Dierdre Clancy and that danged cat.

Heroine Bio:

Dierdre Clancy grew up in a family of givers. Her parents were missionaries and often too busy saving other, less privileged people to realize how lonely and abandoned Dierdre felt. When she reached her teen years, she was shipped back to the USA to live with her Aunt Shea on Sheas rundown farm and animal shelter. Finally she was in a stable environment with an adult she could count on. Dierdre went on to gain a degree in social work and took up the Clancy family tradition of helping others. Most of the time helping others was easy. But Adam Talcott broke that mold and every other box she tried to put him into. How could one man be so difficult to manage?

Publisher: Prowl Publishing

Release Date: 15th July 2019

Book Review: The Catnapped Lover by Rue Allyn

If you love animals and are on the lookout for a light, funny, breeezy and all out feel-good romance then The Catnapped Lover by Rue Allyn is just the book for you.

This is the first book by the author that I have read and I enjoyed the story. The cat is just plain crazy and the protagonists, people who seem all too real with their life problems. I loved both Diedre and Adam.

The story kept me engaged throughout and while I did feel a few unbelievable moments but still the overall drama kept me hooked and overlooking any minor slights in planning.

All in all, The Catnapped Lover by Rue Allyn is ideal for taking your mind away from the chaos of real life. A happily funny story that will leave you feeling buoyant and in good spirits, I give it 4 stars out of 5 and Njkinny recommends it all lovers of romance and comedy.

I received an ARC for review and I am very thankful. The above is my honest and unbiased opinion and in no way influenced.

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Meet the Author:

Author Rue Allyn

 Hi, Im Rue Allyn, I write heart melting romance novels. Books about characters and adventures in which love triumphs at the darkest moment. The kind of hopeful, steal-your-breath romance that melts a readers heart. The type of book I like to read. Hope you will too.

Follow the author:

Rue's Website: https://RueAllyn.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/RueAllyn

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