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9 Simple Diet Tips to Build Muscle When You Are a Vegetarian

Are you trying to build your muscle but are uncertain of what steps to take?

Are you a vegetarian and looking for simple vegetarian diet tips to help you in building your muscles?

With the right guidance and commitment to your goal, you, too, can achieve the perfect muscled body in a safe and healthy manner.

In today's post, I will be talking about the 9 simple diet tips to build muscle when you are a vegetarian and by the end of this post, you will have learned about the proper vegetarian diet to build muscles.

1) Protein intake in each meal

To attain your goals when it comes to muscle building using a vegetarian diet, you must routinely follow a strict diet of protein intake.  This is through incorporating 20 to 35 grams of proteins by evenly distributing them in each meal. Also, with their main content as amino acids, proteins are some of the essential nutrients that fuel the buildup of muscle mass in the body. 
Try out these simple and tasty vegetarian recipes rich in Protein:

Simple and very tasty Peanut Salad Recipe- Njkinny's Blog

Low Oil Moong Palak ki Sabji (Split Green Gram and Spinach Curry) Recipe-Njkinny's Blog

2) Calorie intake

Getting sufficient calories for your body is particularly essential for muscle building as the body requires carbohydrates for energy.  Lack of calories can undoubtedly cause a deceleration of muscle growth since the body would alternatively turn to proteins for its fuel. Aside from taking the necessary calories, it is essential to maintain a balanced diet when it comes to the intake of fats, carbohydrates, and proteins.

9 Simple Diet Tips to build muscle when you are a vegetarian-Njkinny's Blog

As a bodybuilder, one should also understand that taking proteins should not only be for muscle gain alone but maintenance and recovery of the muscles as well. This is through the intake of some assorted vegetarian foods that are especially beneficial to the body during bodybuilding activities. Moreover, some of the plant-based foods such as lentils and chickpeas are good for muscle building, while nuts and avocado are suitable for the heart.

3) Engaging in effective exercise

Participating in exercise programs is one of the most crucial factors apart from the intake of a balanced diet when building muscle for a vegetarian.  According to a study, regular endurance exercises have a long term effect on increasing muscle mass through consistent workouts.  This is why some of the most common muscle strengthening techniques involve lifting weights and the use of dumbbells followed by a high frequency of the necessary food intake.

4) Re-energizing  after workouts

To build muscle effectively through a vegetarian diet requires muscle builders to refuel by eating within 15-45 minutes after workout. It helps the body to replenish the energy through the intake of easily digestible foods that enhance the muscles. 

Some of the foods that one can take are:
  • A cup of sprouted lentils and beans with whole-grain bread.
  • A banana and a tablespoon of almond butter
  • Shredded carrot, chopped tomatoes,  and spinach
  • Raw or roasted almonds and raisins.
  • Soaked almonds, walnuts and raisins.
  • A glass of full cream milk with a banana.

5) Nutritional supplement intake

According to a report by David Rodgerson, nutritional supplements and proper food intake should be part of the vegan dietary needs for those who engage in exercises.  
However, all supplements must be taken after proper research and after consulting your doctor.

6) Research on the vegetarian diet

It is important to know the best proteins that vegetarians can take to attain the best results. A study reports that 0.4-0.5 g/kg of protein distributed between three to six meals per day would be ideal for the optimum benefit of muscle gain. For this reason, individuals who seek to build their muscles should educate themselves on the right proteins that they can take during and between meals.

7) Iron intake

When it comes to gaining muscles through a vegetarian diet, the regular intake of iron is essential. Some of the plants with the richest amounts of iron are such as broccoli, spinach, beetroot and silverbeet. The iron is particularly important due to its ability to enhance the metabolic process and the right functioning of hemoglobin. In addition, iron helps in increasing energy in the body as it enhances oxygen circulation through the hemoglobin in the blood.

Try out this Iron rich tasty recipe in your kitchen.

Beetroot Laccha Paratha and Mpong Palak ki Sabji Recipes- Njkinny's Blog

Beetroot Laccha Paratha with Moong Palak ki Sabji is a complete meal full of Iron, Protein and fiber ideal when building muscle.

8) Body Hydration 

Body hydration is one of the other health tips essential for muscle building when engaging in a vegetarian diet.  While drinking plenty of plain water is enough for hydration, other ways in which one can keep their body hydrated is by taking green shakes and smoothies. Besides, enough protein shake or water intake enhances protein synthesis and inhibits joint pain.

9) Use of Micronutrients

The use of micronutrients as part of a vegetarian diet during the muscle-building process requires a high intake of fruits and vegetables. Micronutrient consists of magnesium, zinc, potassium and vitamin A, B, C and D found in both fruits and vegetables. Since resistance training activities result in a lot of perspiration, some of the important nutrients such as potassium are depleted in the process, hence requiring replenishing.

Try out these nourishing and rich in Micronutrients recipes

Quick and Easy To Make Healthy Corn Salad Recipe-Njkinny's Blog


While it is true that animal protein helps in creating lean muscle, it is also possible to build muscles on a plant-based diet. Plant-based proteins are even better with the general health of the body as they have a stronger biological quality. Additionally, it is important to realise that it is during the resting period that muscle growth occurs, hence, bodybuilders should get enough rest. 

What vegetarian diet tips do you follow to build your muscles?

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Author Bio:

Jessica Smith is a writer for numerous health and fitness publications. She has been working with many challenged clients for some time now including Canadian anabolics. Visit the website to know more about legal steroids canada and how they can be helpful in achieving the desired result.

This is a guest post and all views are the author's and in no way expresses the views and opinions of Njkinny's Blog on the subject matter. Reader's discretion is requested.


  1. I'm vegan and I often have to explain where I get my protein (and other vitamins) from. Posts like this are a helpful collection of tips. Keep going and thanks for spreading the message! :)

    1. Welcome and I am so glad the post is useful to you. :)

  2. as someone who is constantly anemic, I can only agree with the importance of watching your iron intake - or even taking supplements if necessary! As soon as my iron is low, there is no working out, due to lack of energy. While I am not a full-time vegetarian, I rarely eat meat or fish, my son is vegetarian, and my daughter is vegan. I am going to save your article, and use it as a reference! Blessings!

    1. Low Iron levels are a health threat. I am happy this article is helpful to you Claudia. :)

  3. I am not a vegetarian but I find these tips very interesting. I have never even thought about muscle building for a vegetarian. Although, I am aware that plant based foods are super healthy but I just wasn't aware that it was possible to build one's muscle as a vegetarian. I dare say, that after this post, I am no longer ignorant of that. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Welcome Viano. There are many famous body builders in India who are vegetarian. :)

  4. Ow! The moment I saw the title.. I was like "how?" if you are a vegetarian.. Now I know. Some vegs are rich in protein also? wow

  5. Being a non vegetarian I have at times wondered how the vegetarians make up. This was truly an informative write up.

  6. These are great tips and so informative. Its great to know that whether you choose to eat meat or follow a vegetarian diet there are plenty of ways to build muscle!

  7. These are some cool tips. I will remember this tips thanks

  8. Interesting! I've been thinking about an option If I'll be decided to be a full-time vegan. Thanks for sharing!

  9. There are some really interesting points here for sure. I am a vegetarian, so this is very useful xx

  10. It really is indeed possible to gain muscle as a vegetarian unlike what myths people believe. I'll agree that protein intake really helps alongside good exercise.


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