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5 Best Breakfast Recipes to make you lose weight

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. After a fast of over eight hours, our body requires the right nutrition so we stay energetic and at maximum efficiency the whole day.

Now won't it be so wonderful if our breakfast not only gave us energy and nutrition but also aided weight loss?

Eating the right foods and exercising are the key to getting into shape and staying fit.

5 Best Breakfast Recipes to make you lose weight

5 Best Breakfast Recipes to make you lose weight- Njkinny's Blog

Here are 5 Best Breakfast Recipes to make you lose weight and they are not only easy to make but also so yummy!

1) Low Oil Oats Creamy Mushroom Recipe

5 Best Breakfast Recipes to make you lose weight - Njkinny's Blog

I absolutely adore this recipe that is not only so very healthy, easy to make but so very tasty that it will become your favourite too!

It is healthy because it uses

- oats that are high in fiber and thus, great for our overall health; 
- skimmed milk which is again non-fattening and very healthy with lots of calcium in it; 
- mushrooms which are low in fat, calories, cholesterol and high in fiber; and 
- only a few drops of oil!

Try it and enjoy!

2) Quick and Tasty Vegetarian Vermicelli (Semiyan) Upma recipe

5 Best Breakfast Recipes to make you lose weight- Njkinny's Blog

A popular breakfast recipe in India, it is filling, little oil is required to prepare it and it also gives us energy plus is non-fattening because I have used Suji or Wheat Semolina Vermicelli for my recipe.

I can eat this recipe any time and it goes well as a snack too. :)

Now, in my version, I have used minimal spices, any available vegetables and condiments. I believe in working with whatever is available and this recipe requires very little ingredients and is fusion friendly!

3) Healthy Puffed Rice (Murmure or Laiya) Poha Recipe

5 Best Breakfast Recipes to make you lose weight- Njkinny's Blog

Here is a recipe for a healthy version of the puffed rice poha which requires minimal oil and includes lots of healthy ingredients, making it a dish best for weight watchers.

4) Minimum Oil Spring Onion and Cheese Omelette Recipe that is steam cooked.

A tasty omelette is a great accompaniment to a great morning and I just love ones that use healthy ingredients but don't use too much butter or oil in preparation. Today, I'll share the recipe for Spring Onion and Cheese Omelette that requires minimal amount of butter or oil because it is made in steam and is super tasty!

5) Urad Dal and Matar Khichdi (Black Gram Lentil Khichdi) with Peas Recipe

5 Best Breakfast Recipes to make you lose weight- Njkinny's Blog

Khichdi is a popular dish in India and has a variety of forms and styles of preparation but the things that always remain the same across all variations are the no-fuss, quick and easy preparation and the fact that it is filling and super healthy!

Today, I am sharing the recipe for Urad Dal and Matar Khichdi (Black Gram Lentil Khichdi with Peas) which is one of my favourites because it tasty, healthy, ideal recipe for weight watchers and very tasty.


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What are your favourite weight loss friendly breakfast recipes?


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