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Eat healthy with this easy-to-make Sprouts Salad Recipe #FoodieFriday

Easy-to-make and very healthy Sprouts Salad Recipe

Eat healthy with this easy-to-make Sprouts Salad Recipe #FoodieFriday on Njkinny's Blog

Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day and starting it right makes for a productive day with us feeling active and good about ourselves.

Today's recipe is one of the most easiest ones that I know and go to whenever I want to eat healthy with minimum fuss. A great weight loss and energy boosting salad, this one requires minimum ingredients and can be prepared in just a few minutes.

Sprouts are a rich source of protein and fibre that helps in aiding stomach health by increasing our metabolism and thus, helping one loose weight to stay fit and healthy.

Ingredients required:

1 cup sprouts like Green Gram (Moong Dal) sprouts, Black Chickpeas (Kala Channa), Fenugreek (Methi) etc. of your choice,
1 chopped tomato (optional),
1 chopped onion (optional),
1/2 cup chopped Spinach (Palak) (optional),
Salt to taste,
1 tsp crushed black pepper (Kali Mirch),
1/2 a slice of lemon.

Steps to prepare healthy Sprouts Salad:

1) Wash the sprouts thoroughly in running water.

2) Steam them for a few minutes in a pan by sprinkling with a few splashes of water and covering with a lid.

3) Take out the steamed sprouts in a salad bowl and add the tomatoes, onion, spinach, salt, pepper and lemon juice to it. 

4) Mix well and serve.

PS: 1) The beauty of this salad is that you can add any number of veggies to it to spice up the health quota or you can eat it simply with nothing added except salt and lemon!

2) Also steaming the sprouts is optional and you can eat them raw if you so wish.

3) You can even add any fruits of your choice like pomegranate, apple, grapes etc.

Hope you enjoyed reading this recipe and will try it in your kitchen soon.

Do share your thoughts with me and if you know a great recipe that you want featured here on Njkinny's Blog then share it with me through this form.

What is your favourite healthy breakfast?


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  2. Nice recipe, I needed something a bit healthier as I can't stop eating biscuits since it's got cold!

  3. Oh wow this really is easy to make I wish I like Sprouts because it looks.

  4. You know what? Sprouts are one thing that I can never eat. Like no matter what you add, how you prepare - they always remain the most tasteless thing for me! However, my husband loves sprouts so I will definitely try this recipe!

  5. I actually really like Sprouts a lot ! I However the taste developed only later , when I stopped my no veggies phase !

  6. I'm always trying to eat more healthily so I really should give sprouts a try.

  7. Such a refreshing salad! I was at the store the other day and was thinking what dish I could make with sprouts. Here it is!

  8. This sprouts salad recipe seems so easy and fast to prepare. It's great to start the day with something easy to prepare and healthy.

  9. i never taste a salad like this before. And this one looks so delicious and not a kind of ordinary salad. It makes me crave for this now. thanks for the recipe. I will surely make this one tonight.

  10. Nice and healthy food. I really love this salad. It's looks so healthy and delicious. Perfect for my meat diet. Thank you for sharing this!

  11. Sounds like a great recipe, thanks for sharing, it seems easy I will try this sometimes.

  12. I will have to try this out. Need to add more salads to my list of foods to eat for sure. Definitely need to do more to be health conscious for my daughter as well.

  13. looks delicious! I want to try this out, must be pretty tasty!

  14. This sounds beautiful. Very healthy and filled with good stuff. I especially love the black chickpeas and sprouts!


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